Where can i find a GGXX #R strategies?

I’m looking for a place that is setup like SRK that gives strategies and character discussion for SF games, but for GGXX #R instead. I know there is one out there, but i forgot the name of the place.

Thanks in advance.


Link doesn’t work.

Try dustloop.

Dustloop is more for Accent Core and Slash now. There’s a few #R and X2 strategies scattered here and there but they’re hard to find. There used to be a thread for combos and stuff on here somewhere. Some one posted how to dustloop every character and things like that. I don’t know if that thread still exists though. Search is bringing up nothing for Guilty Gear for w/e reason.

yea try dustloop guy, or you can ask in that zbattle thread where peeps are playing #r with netplay