Where can i find a HORI Real Arcade PRO.V3 SA art template

Hello members, I’m new here.
and I’m searching for a template which i can use for my HORI Real Arcade PRO.V3 SA arcade stick
if there are any Blazblue art templates available for this stick please let me know
also i would like to obtain information about printing my art (what dimensions to use, which kind of paper to use)
an most importantly how to instal it (cropping it, glueing it, how to make it perfectly fit my arcade stick)

beforehand kind regards for the one that come up with good solutions.

Check the template thread in tech talk, for a template (if someone has even posted one yet). Maybe ask in the HRAP V3 thread if anyone has modded it yet.

This sub forum is mostly for noobie fighting game strategy questions. Tech questions usually go in tech talk.

Thank you very much for the tip i’ll ask further in Tech treads