Where can I find a Qanba q1?


I was really looking into getting this as my first stick, so I went to Amazon to go look at it. There was one left, looked this morning, gone.

Is there any Ebay Vendor you guys trust? Any store that doesn’t have $40 in shipping?


Funny. In the other thread you created 16 hours ago, you said you had recently acquired a Hori FSV3 and was in the process of modding that; how would the Qanba Q1 be your first stick?..


I ordered my Hori last night but canceled because the Qanba looked muuuch simpler to mod.


Which Qanba q1 are we speaking of ?

the Qanba Q1 PS3 PC P3GHR 199 and P3SHR 299


The Qanba Q1 Cut


Qanba Q1 Cut. With the clamps.


I ran into the same problem but with a different stick, shipping sure is a bitch. Your best choice is just to wait for a restock or try to get one on the trade section on srk. I wouldn’t get one on eBay right now because the tend to overprice it there, but if you do buy from a seller with 99% or 100% feedback.

Personally I would shell out the cash for a madcatz pro. A Qanba Q1 is a fine first pick, but the pro is just better in my opinion, its basically a sfxt stick but cheaper. Unless your really yearning for those clamps, i would just get a pro.


I’m really just on a budget for my first stick. I’d like to see how I like it before I go and make a huge purchase.


Whats the size of your budget?


Well preferably up to 80 bucks.
Btw, I mainly play Blazblue, Persona 4 arena, and Uniel if that helps make a choice. And something that is easy to mod.


You are going to be hard pressed to find something at $80.
Check the trading Outlet.

The Mad Catz Pro prior to evo was on sale for $90.


If you are keen on getting the Madcatz Fightstick Pro as per recommendations. Just wait for a sale to be announced on their twitter channel.

They have been offered at the discount rate of $80, with free shipping, multiple times this year.

Good luck.