Where can I find a SE stick online or a cheaper decent stick?

One of my friends is trying to get into fighting games but wants a stick, anyone know where I can find the SE or a good one around the same price? Seems like every old stick is out of stock everywhere I look.

I guess he wants to play Street Fighter and Mahvel but Xbox 360 and PS3 SEs have been getting pricey on ebay. Craigslist might be a bit better. If you are willing to do some modding with like an Akishop PS360 pcb, there is the Tatsunoko Wii SE stick at $24.

SEs are discontinued. On the gamesharkstore.com they have the WWE sticks.

^The WWE sticks are technically SEs.

I stalked amazon for a while, eventually there will be one for $30.00 on amazon warehouse.

Just gotta be patient. Got mine last week after about 3 weeks of checking, bought it while in class