Where can i find a Vewlix top panel for A Madcatz Soul Edition Stick?

I’m looking for a Vewlix top panel for my new Soul Caliber Soul Edition Fight stick because I’m not a big fan of the Noir layout that accompanies the stick. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Art hobbies makes custom plexi panels. you can also try the trading outlet if someone willing to sell or trade a original TE Panel.

Alright I’ll try that. I’m trying to mod my stick for AE and I want to put artwork anyway. I just wanted to be sure I can get a vewlix panel. Thanks

I’d imagine someone’ll snap your hand off if you’re looking to swap TE panels…

I think it would be great if Mad Catz would just expand their line of mod parts/accessories. I mean, they sell a UMK replacement panel as an accessory… The standard Viewlix layout with a generic MCZ art overlay would be great as well.

Heck, I’d even suggest that they sell the Noir layout panel for those that would like it, but I’m guessing that it’s only manufactured under license for the Namco tie-in sticks (SCV/TTT2).

I suppose @MarkMan can correct me if I’m wrong, but I’d go out on a limb to say that the TE is by far the most popular style in MCZ’s back catalog, so I’m sure the community would welcome more extensive availability of these parts - especially since the TE seems to be in its twilight. I’d also bet that if they made the original TE sides in White available, they’d sell like gangbusters!!! :smiley:

Yeah it really is the better layout in my opinion. Especially when i bought the stick specifically for SSFIV lol. If Madcatz sold a Vewlix panel I’d buy it in a heartbeat. And if they were in stock of the TE-S Smoke sides, my wallet would probably hate me.

Why not just trade the current top panel with someone who’d like to have the Astro/Noir layout. There’s alot of folks here who prefer it and find it superior to the Vewlix layout.