Where can I find good info for adding animated gifs to avatars?

Plus how do you get two of them together? I have illustrator, photoshop and imageready.


goto www.gamegen.com

Actually, the question was how to add the animated gif to an av without loosing the animation.

I haven’t seen a tutorial about how to do this.

Here is the quick and dirty recipe.

-Find animation.


-Open in imageready

-Save as… *.psd and close

-Open *.psd in photoshop

-Link all the layers

-Resize canvas to 160x64 (Image… Canvas Size…)

-Move image within canvas to where you want it. (All linked layers should move with it).

-Save and close

-Open *.psd in imageready (It should still have all the frames animated like the original).

-Save optimized as… *.gif


You may add other flavors into the recipe depending on what you want the final product to taste like.

thanks alot. Your info really helped(both of you).:smiley:

im just gonna bump this thread up so that i can learn how to put animations in avs!

While you are at it, you should learn to rip your own sprites. It is not that hard, and you will always get what you want. You will no longer be stuck with only the animations that gamegen steals from RHM.



RHM doesnt like it when his sprites leak out into gamegen, cause he doesn’t get any credit for them.

how in photoshop you you likn all the layers?

On the layers tab, highlight one of the layers, then click on the box next to the eyeball on the other layers that you want to link to the one that is highlighted. The little chain link icon should appear. Example attached.

He doenst care anymore Frankie has a credits page now.

i followed your instructions, and i got one sprite animated, but when i tried to add a second sprite…the first one still moved, but the second one just stayed on the first frame…and ideas?

I do all my animation stuff in ImageReady, which may or may not be easier for you.

Just open the gif in ImageReady, decide which frames you want to snatch, and open a new file in the proper size for your Av. Then put any static art or whatever you want in the background in. After you have a stage set up, just “Add frame” and paste a new animation frame from the previous gif in. Lather, rinse, repeat.

Make sure to check the little eyeball icon in the layers for each frame, because you don’t want previous layers obscuring the picture. That gets annoying a lot of times.


Go into imageready, and fix it in the animation tab. Highlight each frame on the animation tab and then go to the layers tab and tweak from there. Example of the animation tab with a frame highlighted attached.

i got it working…got the animations i like…size is right…i saved the potimized…and when i opened it, the av box was all black…what did i do wrong???

u most likely have the BLACK layer on top of the ANIMATIONS, drag the BLACK background behing the animations!

Do you mean all the colors disappeared? In that case, go to the top right of Photoshop/ImageReady where it says “Optimized” and click the list. Go to “GIF 128 No Dither”, and it should look right. Here’s an example of what I mean, hope it helps.

EDIT: You can check when you go to open the file.

nope i fucked up how i saved it…so i fixed it…but now it says that i can only have 2000bytes or something…so it’s too big i guess…where do i see the size of that file?

ouch the limit is 20,000 mine is 50,000 any tricks on how to cut that back?

what takes up the most space…the layers?

this is what i tried to do

First of all, your gif uses 59 colors. Use the eyedropper to cut that down. If you sample the skin of ryu or ken and use that color for the text, and then sample the belt color and use that for the stroke around the text, then you will be able to drop amount of colors in your color pallete. On your background, you can use the eyedropper to get more colors from ken and ryu and drop a grid pattern, or something techno that uses two colors (that you should have got from ken and ryu). If you are carefull, you can probrably drop the color pallete down to 16-20 colors, without hurting the image quality.

Second of all, the image has 10 frames. You probrably only need 5 or 6 of those frames. Cut a few frames out of the animation. (Can probrably get rid of the ryu taking a breath, and one of the ken scratching his nugget). Now you should be under the file size limit.