Where can I find good info for adding animated gifs to avatars?

ok i followed all the directions on the first page…thats how i made my av…but now it won’t work. when i go to the “play option” back in image ready it gives me a “no” symbol not allowing that option…what’s going on here?

i followed all the steps right like i did for my av. might there be something i accidently clicked or something?

in the frame boxes it only shows the one fram…wtf?

ok i had to manually make 5 frames and drop each one in…why did i have to do that for this one but not my akuma one?

Phoenix Down!

Rei, I know this thread is all about making animations in avatars, using pre-made sprites from gamegen, but I’d like to start learning the right way. Making animated gifs from scratch. Like what are the steps? Here are two very simple frames of Robert T. Sturgeon I intend to use. I’m using Imageready and PS7 and I’m about to lose my last brain cell reading many many tutorials and over those layers.

It is very good that you want to learn how to make your own sprites. It is the best way. Nevertheless, I’m not going to direct you to a post made by TigerGenocide that pretty much explains it.
Reply in that thread if you have further questions.

I did it! My first animated gif.

Another one:

One more

Wow. Keep it up.

heh, all my Rage of Dragon sprites I use are ripped by me. :smiley:

BTW all these gifs came from Robo Army for Neo Geo.

everytime i try to drag the animated psd into my av only one layer comes with it and i linked all my layers…what ami doing wrong

see it doesn’t move and i followed the instructions

yeah I have a problem similar. when I rip sprites, and I fudge out the white background to make transparency, I see all the layers moving at once when I save it. here’s an example.

could someone possible shrink the bytes on this so i could use it as an AV. i need it to be under 10240 bytes or if possible could someone tell me how

Your avatar is over 40K and 167 x 52 pixels.

You need to reduce into under 20k and 160 x 52 pixels (max 160 x 64 pixels).

can someone tell me where is the imageready?i cant find it:(


You need to find Photoshop 7.0 (including ImageReady)

Wow, this really helped me out a lot. :D:D:D

i’ve got a problem, i followed the instructions on the first page, but when i open it in image ready it won’t animate. everything is linked and it transfered over to where i wanted it… would i need to put everything in its own layer?

for instance just to get this to work and get the hang of it im trying to put akuma’s raging demon in a plain black pic. everything is linked but it won’t animate once i move it into my canvas.

You may make your avatar is .jpeg (only non-animated)

You need to change it into .gif (animated)