Where can i find good sent combo vids?

can someone please tell me where can i find good combo vids?

thanx in advance:D

come on ppl! please there must be some sent vid like top-players. com mag exibit vid by shadyK or sumthing. :frowning:

lol… it should be REALLY easy to find sent vids… since he’s like essential in 80% of the cometative teams you see today…


and of course theres forgo.net

fuck you faggot i made that shit

dude my fucking bad!!!:sweat:

i’m sorry i forgot to mention you…props to you, the same for ShadyK.

get djb’s sent shit, or seattle combo vid, its still good

as a matter of fact, i lost the page that has djb13 sent vid, where was it at again?

where can i find this eKIN?

i think i have that djb sent vid i can send it to you through aim just let me know whenever nick is melphice84

yeah for sure, my aim name is madman2117, i’ll try to contact you from here on. thanks