Where can i find hrap 3sa? or similar stick


ok so ive had a te stick but i sold it in the summer cause i needed some $, now im in the market for a new stick but want something different than the te but all i can find online is te sticks

i dont really want to spend too much, like i dont want to buy Amazon.com: Playstation 3 Real Arcade Pro. 3 Fighting Stick: Video Games and have to buy buttons and do work lol

any help or a stick where i dont have to mod im open to different brands as long as the quality is worth the money i spend


You could get one of these:

Buy Cheap XBOX 360 Hori Real Arcade Pro VX SA Arcade Stick - HRAP VXSA Fight Stick

I don’t know anything about that site’s reliability unfortunately and Amazon’s price is high.


First of all, your message causes a headache when I try to read it. Please use punctuation AND capitalize the beginning of your sentences. I’m not going to criticize your spelling but honestly do the other two things the next time you post a message. It’s annoying trying to read your message the way you wrote it.

You won’t find an HRAP 3 SA in new condition for cheap now. Hori probably isn’t making them anymore. The 3-SA and 3-SE joysticks tend to be limited production and manufactured in limited production for maybe a year, two at most. I think the 3-SA has been discontinued in favor of the V3-SA line.

You can still find the more generic HRAP 3’s online both used and new. Those are still being made. Quite a few HRAP 3’s have been modded and are practically HRAP 3-SA. The major difference is that they don’t have universal joystick mounts and you have to get shaft extensions to use non-JLF joysticks with them. Also, nothing but a flat mounting plate will work for most Seimitsu joysticks except the LS-56-01.

If you want a 3-SA, you’re going to have to look for a used one online. Not that most stores sell Hori joysticks anyway. You generally have to buy Hori joysticks online. Nobody’s going to sell even a used HRAP 3-SA for under $100 used unless they’re desperate. It frankly shouldn’t be sold for less than $100 because it’s a quality built joystick that’s mod-friendly and better-constructed than most of its competitors. It’s just the luck of the draw on sales-price.

You can check the Trading Outlet to see if someone is selling a used HRAP 3 SA, or look on the Internet. Google is your friend.

Check out e-Bay and the other auction sites, too.