Where can I find MadCatz SE FightStick for $60?

I’ve grown up in arcades, and I just got SSFIV:AE for my Xbox. I didn’t know they made fight sticks for consoles! Anyway, I read some of the guides about fightsticks on this forum and my plan is to buy the basic MadCatz SE stick and mod it with some Sanwa buttons/joystick. I looked online for a good 30-40 minutes scouring Amazon and Google, but none of them are around $60. It’s more like $130 ish.

Also, are fighting sticks usually wired or not, especially the one I’m looking to buy?


The demand for fightsticks skyrocketed in the past 2 years and so has the price of arcade stick, unfortunately. I got my SE from Amazon for $45 new last December. You probably won’t come across any new SE’s for less than $60 at the moment. Craigslist is always a place to start. Also, are you dedicated to just the SE? There are plenty of arcade sticks you can buy and swap parts for later.
The price of SE’s doesn’t seem to be headed down with the large growth of the fighting game community but your best shot of getting an SE for less than $60 is asking a friend. E-commerce follows whatever everyone else is selling them for and right now, the price for SE’s is hovering around $90.
Good luck though. I love my SE. Glad I got for less than $50

Get a wired one. Trust me.

Look for a WWE Brawlstick if you can’t find a SE nearby. Same exact thing to mod and better parts to start off with.

Read the stickies to learn how to mod, EVERYTHING has been answered in them, from joystick, to buttons, to art.

Good luck.

I actually just found one at Gamestop today for $60. It was the WWE Model (Blarg!), but it has all the same guts. I’m reskinning it anyways, so…
Try checking video game stores around you for the same model as the one I just got. Otherwise, you’re out of luck. They checked the computers, and the only Streetfighter SE sticks in a gamestop are in Idaho.

You’re going to want to get a wired one. People complain about input lag when it comes to wireless sticks.

Most arcade sticks are wired. As for the $60 price tag, its based from older information but that is still the actual value of the Mad Catz SE.
Most of the Higher price offers are from greedy sellers, in this regard Amazon is worst than eBay. Note most of Amazon items are not sold by Amazon but individual resellers just like eBay, at least eBay has a better feedback system.
The Mad Catz Brawl stick (NEW) is 79.99, and no SE should be priced past that.
I wouldn’t trust Amazon at the moment for Arcade sticks as everything there is grossly over priced. $350 for a stock Round 1 TE is just wrong.
And yes there Hori listings are all grossly overpriced as well.
I did found some Mad Catz SE on eBay for around $40-ish plus shipping

For the $130 range you can find a Mad Catz TE if you are willing to look right now.

Don’t be afraid to change up your keywords for your searches

Arcade stick prices aren’t going up, just people on Amazon being greedy as hell.
And all the sticks I seen, the majority are used sticks
Its post Evo and prices are still high.

You are better of going to eBay than Amazon and the prices are more reasonable.

Actually I found a Xbox 360 SE for 39.99 on Gamestop’s website just moments ago

It even beats the prices I saw on eBay.

If you want to go uber cheap on a Mad Catz stick and not afraid of a little modding, got for the Tatsunoko VS. Capcom Arcade stick,. on some sites the listing is as cheap as $25.

Well, the one you found at Gamestop is unavailable, so that doesn’t help too much. But the ebay suggestion is good. They mainly have TE sticks for about $130, I was considering getting one myself. Plus, they have several Chun Li ones there.

I got a WWE brawl stick for 60 at my local gamestop. not bad if you ask me :slight_smile:

Ya, I was gonna say it’s $60 at Gamestop & has better components to start off with.

Want an SE? Get the Brawl stick. There you go; one SE.