Where can I find Man of Gold tutorial vid?

I’ve been working very hard over the last couple months to learn to use Oro in a semi-competent fashion. I keep hearing about this Man of Gold tutorial video, but I’ve been unable to find a place to download it. If anyone knows where I can grab this tutorial from it would be much appreciated, thanks.

You can get it from the author. :encore:

Meet me on IRC in #capcom, #gamecombos, or #sf3neo and I’ll be happy to send it.

What server? I’ve been looking for it myself.


What are the buttons that are used in that vid?
Here is my take, but I may be completely wrong (nothing unexpected here). I also have a few questions regarding this vid…

normal pokes:
HK, MK, c.MP, c.HP, MP, c.MK

poking strings:

  • MK*2
  • c.LK, LK, c.MK
  • LK, c.LK, HK
  • LK, c.LK, HP
  • MP+MK, LK, MK

Anti airs:
HK, c.HP, MP

Air to air:
j.MK, j.LK, parry+j.grab


  • c.MP
  • MK, hcb.HP
  • du.PPP

Kara cancels:
it looks to be a boring part since I don’t see the behind scenes

Throw setup:
-twelve: j.LK, LP, walk a little, grab

  • Urien: LK, LK, walk a little, grab
  • Remy: MP, qcf.LK, walk a little, grab

One question: How do you grab like that?? Each time I grab I get a different grab where Oro is sitting on my opponent shoulders…

Chicken combos:

  • Akuma: MP, HK
  • Elena: (MP, qcf.MK)*3
  • Ryu: (MP, qcf.MK)*2, j.HK
  • Twelve: j.qcf.LK, (MP, qcf.MK)*2, MP, du.punch
  • Yang: MP, qcf.MK, du.HP
  • Yang: parry, MP, qcf.MK, MP, qcf.MK, MP, (wait) HK
  • Hugo: …, dash, MP, qcf.MK, MP, qcf.MK, MP, du.PPP

Which chicken combos does the most damage WITHOUT super and without using partition buffer (I am a noob… I can’t do partition buffer and God knows I tried a shit lot)?

No need… it is just a combination of the above but it very cool.

Comboing the Trade
I can’t figure out the button. I guess it is MP

Oro is short
The only section I remember very well :slight_smile:

Projectile properties

  • Necro: bf.HP, bf, LP, HK

Cool… that’s the kind of stuff I tend to do the most, but now I want to switch to SA3.

I tried… can’t pull anything even close.
I don’t get something. The fireball EX is the same regardless of the SA, right??
Can the green ball be blocked after you cross over?

SA3 - setups

SA3 - Blocked strings (That’s where I probably have the most mistakes)
-Remy: c.LK, LK, MP+MK, LK, LK, c.LK, LK, LK, MP+MK, LK, c.LK, c.LK, LK, LK, LK, MP+MK, LK, LK, HP
-Alex: c.LK, LK, LK, c.MK, c.LK*4, c.LK, LK, MP+MK, LK, c.LK, LK, LK, LK, grab
-Ryu: LP, MK, qcb.HP

SA3: EX Juggles

  • Remy: (MP, qcf.MK)*2, MP > super > HK, (f.MP, HK) until the corner, du.HP
  • Makoto: MP > super > HK, j.MK, HK, j.MK, MP, qcf.MK, MP, qcf.MK,
  • Necro: MP > super > a lot of HK, MP, qcf.MK, MP, qcf.MK, MP, j.HK
  • Sean: MP, qcf.MK, MP, qcf.MK, c.HP, super, MK, HK until no more super, MP, bf.LP, HK
  • Ohhh I am getting tired…

Which one is the most damaging yet very easy combo to pull off?

  • MP, qcf.MK, MP, qcf.MK, MP, super, …
  • MP, qcf.MK, MP, qcf.MK, HP, super, …
  • MP, super, …
  • Others??

And after you just did the super, what should you do… assuming you are in the corner?

  • du.HP non stop
  • MK non stop
  • HK non stop
  • MK, (HK) non stop
  • (HK, j.MK) non stop
  • Others??

Dizzy finishers:
I can’t figure out which is the most damaging finisher. Help!!

I’ll post my own transcript later tonight. This will clear some of the confusion and explain why I did what I did in the video.

Normal Pokes

-s.HK beats Dudley’s s.HK (and a lot of other things!)
-s.MK beats Ken’s d.MK (Oro’s farthest-reaching poke)
-d.MP beats Urien’s d.MK (solid poke that stays out for a while)
-d.HP beats Makoto’s d.MK (great priority, destroys Makoto’s standard pokes)
-s.MP beats Urien’s s.HP (another solid poke, mix it up)
-d.MK beats Chun-Li’s b+HP (best low-hitting poke… not much to choose from)

Poking Strings

-d.LK - d.MK (d.LK d.LK is fine too, but less damage if it hits)
-close s.LK - far s.LK - d.MK (high-high-low, pushes you into zoning range)
-close s.LK - d.LK - s.HK (high-low-high)
-close s.LK - d.LK - d.HP (variation on Makoto, also comes out quicker)
-UOH - far s.LK - far. s.MK (don’t use on Chun-Li and Oro; they can duck the MK)
*(Use variations of these for yourself! This is only a guide.)

Normal Anti-Airs

-s.HK beats Yang’s divekick (proper range)
-d.HP beats Ryu’s j.HK (mix up with s.HK for far jump-ins)
-close s.MP beats Chun’s j.MK (use sparingly, and use the chance to juggle either a s.HK or another launch (first hit only) into super
*(Not shown: close s.LP against close jump-ins, then mixup when they land)


-j.HK beats Remy’s j.HP (the height from a superjump helps to outprioritize)
-j.MK beats Q’s j.HP (it’s all spacing, use doublejumping to your advantage)
-parry - airthrow (use this after an air parry whenever you can, it hurts a lot)
*(Not shown: vertical j.HK… USE THIS!!! I can’t believe I forgot to include it)

Meaties and Wakeups

-d.MP beats Ken’s Reversal LP Shoryuken
-close s.MK XX Command Grab beats Elena’s Reversal Scratch Wheel (riskier than d.MP, but more rewarding)
-Reversal EX Uppercut beats Makoto’s meaty d.MK (pretty much Oro’s only wakeup move other than parry/throw/block)

Kara Cancels

-far s.MK~UOH (joystick neutral; just hold MK and press MP a split second later)
-far s.MK~Command Grab (HCB+MK~P; same motion for kara-Kishin)

Throw Setups

-jump over, whiff j.MP, throw
-crossup j.MK, close s.LP, throw
-close s.LK, d.MK, dash, throw
-throw in corner, dash, dashback, dash, throw (works best when opponent techrolls)
-close s.LK, far s.LK, walk up karathrow
-close s.MP XX MK Chicken (blocked), karathrow (character- and position-specific)
-backthrow, dashx3, repeat (works best if used sparaingly and they techroll)

Chicken Combos

-close s.MP (2 hits), s.HK (standard)
-[close s.mP (1 hit) XX MK Chicken]x3 (Hugo and grounded Yun/Yang immune)
-[close s.mP (1 hit) XX MK Chicken]x2, close s.MP XX vertical sj.HK
-jump in air Chicken, [close s.mP (1 hit) XX MK Chicken]x2, MP Uppercut
-close s.mP (1 hit) XX MK Chicken, MP Uppercut (Yun/Yang variation)
-anti air [close s.mP (1 hit) XX MK Chicken]x2, s.HK
-close s.MP (2 hits) XX HK Chicken (Hugo variant)
*I made a post about using this variant on other characters.
-[close s.mP (1 hit) XX MK Chicken]x2, EX Uppercut (Hugo must be cornered)


-chicken combo (4 hits), close s.LP, dash, then either
a) let them land and start again,
b) walk slightly to switch sides and start again, or
c) choose sides as in a) or b), but do d.MK XX Command Grab

-time your crossup so that you choose which side you end up on

-on wakeup, either close s.MK XX Command Grab or d.MK XX Command Grab
(whiff close s.LK as they wake up to fake them out)
(only works on wakeup parry-whores! if they block, you’re dead)

Comboing the Trade

-against most characters, s.HK
-against wider characters (usually ones that can be swept by Dudley), walk up close s.mP (1 hit) XX MK Chicken, MP Uppercut
-against Necro and Elena, dash, close s.MP (1 hit) XX super

Oro is Short

-dash under jump-ins and chicken combo
-dash under Q’s rush punch and chicken combo
-anti-air crouch and throw (risky, but cool)
-dash under Akuma’s air fireball and chicken combo
-dash under fireballs (picky timing)
-Ryu’s close s.HP XX LK Joudan whiffs!
-Urien’s EX fireball can be ducked, but the normal fireball can’t
*(not shown: parts of Dudley’s MGB and Elena’s Spin Scythe whiff a ducking Oro)

Projectile Properties

-EX upward fireball (opponent must be in the air) allows you to throw another fireball right away
-Yagyou Dama allows you to throw another fireball right away
-HP fireball, LP fireball, s.HK (showoff combo… SlimX’s are way better)
-Regular Tengu + s.HK instantly destroys an Aegis Reflector and “charges” the rocks without attacking again

Super Art I: Kishin Riki

-EX Kishin is completely invincible (unless it whiffs)
-punish blocked supers with d.HP XX EX Kishin
-do a hail-Mary Reversal EX Kishin to ward off pressure (they can jump out if they’re not attacking!)
-[close s.mP (1 hit) XX MK Chicken]x2, close s.MP (1 hit) XX Kishin, airgrab, airgrab, grab (good luck!)

Super Art II: Yagyou Dama

-close s.MP (2 hits), upward EX fireball, walk back, crossup j.MK (they can escape by techrolling)
-[close s.mP (1 hit) XX MK Chicken]x2, close s.MP XX MP Yagyou, dashx2, jump, doublejump HK, repeat (character specific)
-anti air Fireball XX Yagyou near corner, crossup j.MK (Urien/Alex/Akuma/Hugo/Necro/Twelve/Elena only)
-IGNORE THE YUN ONE, IT DOESN’T WORK (first hit of Yagyou on waking up is blockable in both directions)
-close s.MP (2 hits), MP Fireball XX MP Yagyou, EX Chicken (whiff), close s.MP, s.HK
-close s.mP (1 hit) XX MK Chicken, d.HP XX reset HP Yagyou (airthrow if they parry, vertical j.HK if they don’t)
-Yagyou, superjump over, combo (Hugo’s a big dumb slow unblockable target)

Super Art III: Tengu Stone Setups

-backthrow, activate Tengu, dash to the corner
-neutral throw while cornered, activate Tengu, dash
-[close s.mP (1 hit) XX MK Chicken]x2, close s.MP XX Tengu, j.HK, dash to the corner
-cornered, close s.MP (2 hits) XX Tengu, early close s.MK, dash under, dash to the corner

Super Art III: Tengu Stone Strings

-my post in the other thread pretty much covers this whole section

Super Art III: EX Tengu Stone Juggles

{[close s.mP (1 hit) XX MK Chicken]x2, close s.MP (1 hit) XX EX Tengu}
{close s.MP (2 hits) XX EX Tengu}

-[s.HK, f+MP]x3, MP Uppercut
-[s.HK, j.HK]x3, chicken combo
-(in corner) vertical j.HK, s.HKx5, chicken combo
-(off d.HP juggle reset), far s.LK, s.HKx5, close s.MP (2 hits), HP Fireball, s.HK
-(cornered) f+MP, s.HKx5, close s.MP (2 hits), HP Fireball, MP Uppercut
-(Chun-Li in corner) walk back, far s.LP (only 1 rock hits), s.HK x 6, stun finisher
-(in corner) LP Uppercut x6 (showoff combo)

EX Tengu Stun Finishers

-see my post in another thread for the most damaging finishers per character

Bonus Glitch

-Twelve hits Oro from behind with X.F.L.A.T. while Oro’s recovering from his EX Yagyou; projectiles that pass through the afterimage hit an infinite number of times until crossing 3/4 of the stage

Omg… Thanks!!!
I finally was able to make up my first combo thank to you!!
However I do my combos a little different: For me, it is

CORNER: 23 hit combos :slight_smile:
(MP, qcf.MK)*2, MP, c.HP (don’t wait) > super SA3, HK non stop.

Now I am thinking next time to do the following:

(MP, qcf.MK)*2, MP, c.HP (don’t wait) > super SA3, HK non stop,
f.MP (last move with super), (MP, qcf.MK)*2, MP, c.HP, du.HP

(MP, qcf.MK)*2, MP, c.HP (don’t wait) > super SA3, LP, (f.MP, HK) non stop, f.MP (last move with super), (MP, qcf.MK)*2, MP, HK

What do you guys think? I hope it works against everyone.

"(MP, qcf.MK)*2, [[MP]], c.HP (don’t wait)…"
Take out that MP in the middle, it’ll ruin your juggle.

Going straight into HK’s after the reset is fine. I just used LK in the video because it’s quicker, requires less timing, and can be delayed to mess up parriers. HK, however, does a LOT more stun and is what Inoue and Hungbee use.

Also, Oro’s reset won’t work outside the corner. We’ve all tried.

The chicken combo works on everyone in the corner. Outside the corner, though, it won’t work on Hugo. And with Yun and Yang outside the corner, they need to be slightly in the air when you start. For example, starting the chicken combo off a jump-in air chicken on Yun/Yang works fine.

From some other vids, it seems that you can link an successfull overhead into a close MP if you have SA3. I am surprise you didn’t include that in your vid.

If you got Ken in a corner, and you do the following:

j.QCF.MK, [MP (1-hit) > QCF+MK]x2, c.HP, super SA3, HK non stop, [MP (1-hit) > QCF+MK]x3

Now let’s assume Ken is Dizzy!! Can you do the same combo again right away? In other words, will you have enough super in time to pull that same combo?

If you’re in a situation where you’re pressuring with EX Tengu, you can try for the UOH into launch. Not recommended with regular Tengu, though, because you’re wasting Tengu time while the opponent is flying through the air.

Activating EX Tengu for pressure is not recommended because most experienced players can see your UOH attempt coming a mile away. And six seconds is not a lot of time to try to connect a launch, while you can do a lot of damage from individual hits in a twelve-second regular Tengu.

To answer your Ken example, no. The higher the number of hits in a combo, the less meter you get for each hit. After a standard EX Tengu juggle, the chicken combo followup only gives you a tiny amount of meter.