Where can I find some frame data?

Yeah does anyone know? I’m trying to find some frame data for terry which there is none of in his char specific forum.

You don’t sound like a ass at all and I understand I know he’s rarely used I was just wondreing if someone scanned the book and had it for dl on the go for broke hub or something.


Does anyone have the book in pdf format? I’m looking to dl it but I can’t find it anywhere. Qoc had it on the hub but she shows up once in a blue moon >_>.

If someone could reupload it or something, that’d be awesome.

Eh. You can find some over at JustDefend.com, but I’ve been told some of it isn’t accurate. I’d update it but I don’t have SNK frame data, just Capcom.

im willing to send the bible to anyone over aim. just ask.

Deus, i dont use Aim, but im very interested in it. Can you send it to my E-mail Adress? seidel.peralta@gmail.com.

Or Pm if you can?? Sorry if im asking too much, i just want to pass the Scrubdom State :stuck_out_tongue: