Where can I find some friggin buttons?

Lizardlick and Akihabara are both closed down… I have an order in at lizardlick for a seimitsu stick because they sold out of JLF’s which I placed on the 27th last month… haven’t heard anything about that… but this is my first time owning and modding a stick at all, I have the madcatz SE… Looking to get 8 replacement sanwa buttons. Can anyone help me find some? Or maybe even sell me some?


I’m just waiting for someone say “ZOMG L2SEEARCH SCRUB!!” AHH I’M SO ANGRY.

you can goto friggin japan and get em yourself


while your at it, you can help some SRK members out as well


there are a lot of members who are selling them on the trading outlet

laugh, for example: http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=174859


I’m curious if he even has any of that stuff in stock thats on the page… there is no indication… I want to know if it can be shipped when I order it… I don’t want to wait a month + like I’ve been having to for lizardlick… I just wans an LS-32-01, and 8 obsf-30 buttons preferably 6 pink 2 grey

He is out of most stuff but will be getting them sometime next week. The trading forum is your friend.

Then friggin ask him.


If you live in Canada, I did a five minute google search and came up with playdium’s website in Toronto. I ordered a dozen sanwa buttons and several JLFs and they sent that day, they’ll be here on Monday.

gamingnow.net won’t let you down.

He’s got a shipment coming in next week. So far he’s been turning orders around in under a week (couple more days for the new stuff that’s on it’s way)

http://www.buttons.com :clapdos:

yea i ordered it the same fucking day… teh 27th

For those of you whom were nice to me for asking a newbie question, thank you.

I ended up ordering 8 dark-hai (black-grey) obsf-30’s from gamingnow.net as well as a LS-32-01, going to cancel my order with lizardlick because its just insane to wait over a month for something to even be shipped.

I got my sanwa buttons from this guy from ebay.

Selections are limited but he ships fast. I got mine within a week considering he;s in Canada.

hey guys i want to customize the tatsunoko vs capcom fight stick box for use.

Does anyone know if the tatsunoko vs capcom fight stick has good or crappy buttons? I hear the joystick sucks, but what about the buttons?

$8.00 shipping on an already overpriced button, ouch.

I have 26 buttons just sitting around… Man, I should do something with them…

sell them to me!

uhh… I mean give them to me for charity!

www.modchipman.com has most buttons in stock… we’re getting more and more as we speak, so… if it states its in stock, it is. We’ll get seimitsu and some more obsn-30’s next week.