Where can I find street fighter zero/alpha 2 pc game links

I couldnt find street fighter zero 2 or alpha 2 pc game links , who can help me…

I don’t know who would help your dumb, bigoted ass, lol. Shouldn’t you be busy acting like a racist prick on GGPO or something.
There’s an alpha anthology forum that this would be much better suited for anyway.

Wow, he finally typed a moderately coherent sentence.


(its illegal to post about piracy here i think)

do u mean the pc ports?
or the emulated arcade versions?

dun see y u’d want the pc ports of em when the emulated versions r “arcade-perfect”

however i’ll send ya both versions, check ur messages

Have you tried searching on

someone sent sfa 2 pc version from pm (it is 290mb) , if I find sfa 3 pc version I will be more happy…

if links are illegal , you can send it from pm :slight_smile: