Where can I find the SF cast poster?

I’ve looked every where and I cannot find it. Mr. Ko, is there a way we can order it directly from Udon?


Sorry, wish i could help you.

Has anyone even seen this thing on sale?

i’ve seen it in the uk, but i don’t think that’ll help you. i think larger comic shops or comic shops that are semi manga shops should hav it. if not, eBay i’m afraid

Where in the UK may that be?

i live in london and i’ve found some in forbidden planet 5.99, bottom floor, comic poster cabinet

theres also a comic shop called “the orbital” at old compton street which hav some (they hav one on their wall, i dunno if they sold out)

Hmmm, I have been tryin to find the poster for a while already too. It is one of the best SF poster I hav seen. Weird that no place holds it though. Not even comic stores. The only place I find them is on E-bay, but I am afriad that the poster might be damaged while shipping to my house.

The poster is still in stock. So go to ANY comic retailer and they can order it. If they say they cannot, they are lying!

Mr. Ko, you don’t happen to know the products SKU or whatever do you?

hmmm, thanks. I finally found a comic store that doesn lie. I just ordered some (for my friends too).

Hey yikhai, Orbital Comics is where I get my goods from too.
They did sell out of all their SF posters, however, Damian (the oriental dude) said he’s ordered more. I’ve got 1 or 2 reserved for myself. He’s also getting in a couple more SF stuff, so I’m gonna pop in soon to check it out.

Forbidden Planet is a rip on most items. 1.70 for $2.40 comics whilst in Orbital the’re about 1.35. Heck in FP they charged me about 9.99 for the Jim Lee Batman/Nightwing poster that I got for my edlest brother.

Guess not. Does anybody else?

hey Ryu Kazama, yeah Orbital Comics is the best. it was the last comic store i discovered in london, one of the guys who works there called james (guy with long hair, tash and goatee) introduced me to it in my japanese class at ucl.

they are the cheapest in london and even their figures are cheap. i bought the batman hush figures there at 9.99 while forbidden planet were charging at 14.99. james even said that the guys who worked at forbidden planet came down to their store and bought them as their discount still made it more expensive. its probably because their store cost them bucket loads and rents probably higher then their older store. shame, its really nice in their

damien should b back from his japan/singapore journeying and hopefully he picked up some street fighter trading figures/gashapon so i’ll also need to go down and pick up my current standing order sometime.

Yeah, my brother told me about hw FP guys went there too.

Damian did get some figures in, he e-mailed me saying that they’d be in late last week (ie. now) I’m gonna check on the 3rd, since I finish for the summer on the 2nd (Shrek 2 day).

Wait, you take Japanese lessons? Ah man, can you e-mail me all the details please, cause I’ve been trying to find some places that teach Japanese, but I’ve had no luck so far.

PM me, for my e-mail, if it’s not on my profile.

cool i need to go in sometime, got some comics waiting for me

well i basically take japanese as an option course at the university i go to so it may be possible for you to learn japanese via the place of education you go to

Ah man, I am still in college. Just finished my first year actually (ok not until Friday the 2nd officially) guess I’ll teach myself through books and wait till Uni time comes around.

i live in australia and i picked it up from my ghetto comic store. i didn’t even order it in i just saw it sitting there one day and picked it up.