Where can I find tournaments in the South

I live in alabama and we have a pretty strongs gameing group here we play games form 3rdstrike and KOF2k3 and MVC2 and was wondering were any tournys were located in the southern region. Any info will help thanks.

the south is really vauge. specify. florida? georgia? alabama? tenn? texas? etc…

well any were in the south except texas is an option for our group alabama,tenn,florida,georgia any were in those states that holds tournys

they are throwing biweekly tounreys in anderson south carolina for 3s t5 and mvc2, you guys should check those out.

No cvs or gg = the gay

that makes me mad too.

I’ll throw special ones just for you. The participants will be the two of you. The grand prize is my foot in both your asses.

We have no CvS2 scene. There is not enough GG comp to constitute throwing biweeklies. Therefore, we don’t do either. People in Anderson play T5 and 3S, so that’s what they do. It’s not rocket science.

go the ggr thread in the a south division and find out where they play at. also augusta has gg players. but the 3s is the best son!!!
j/k play what u like and good luck on ur search.

Just come the Houston Regional :clap:

dont you threaten me sir!
No, but for real, ill come to the next tourny and beat you up at t5.

woohooo! Just keep in mind that the biweekly tournaments are free, w/ no pot (they’re mostly for the locals). The next big one is 8/20.

Are you trying to say since im not local, i shouldnt come to the biweekly’s??? Well to hell with that sir!!
Btw epsilon, if you wanna go to the tourny on the 25 with me just pm me and i can grab you on the way up to anderson.

You are more than welcome, just keep in mind that there’s NO MONEY OR PRIZES involved in these other than the .25 you pay every time you play :slight_smile: