Where can I get a cool ball top and buttons for se stick?

Lizard lick just sells basic buttons, I’m looking for a cool ball top and maybe some clear buttons, what sizes do I need and who sells these? Thanx


Those are the same buttons /sticks they sell at lizard lick. I’ve seen some really cool clear balls and buttons but don’t know where to get them.

Seimitsu LB-39 Clear Joystick Ball Top are on Lizard Lick
PS-14-D-N Are on Akihabara shop

Thanx but I was looking for the sanwa I should of been more specific. I’m putting in a sanwa stick and buttons in my Se stick

there arent clear buttons from sanwa …

there are clear balltops at akihabara …
LB-39 from seimitsu … fit on a sanwa jlf

I plan on getting the sanwa stick for my se but it says it does not include the wire harness. Do I need that to just drop it in the stick, what is the harness for?

its the cable from the pcb to your stick … if you have a se you dont need it because it already includes the harness … just unplug the old cable and plug it to your new stick

Read the first topic of this post:

It lists the exact parts that work best for modding. For the joystick, all you need is the 5 pin connector. If it has that (and it fits) it should work.

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Thanks a lot for the help guys.

Noob question here but does the screws come with the new JL stick?