Where can i get a korean stick?

i would like to get 1 after i get T6 in a couple months. I know the most obvious route would be to get a custom build but i don’t even know of any builders who use Korean parts.

There’s a topic for them here.


Laugh sells the parts, but you will have to make one. Perhaps QCFgaming can make a case for you.

You could also buy a Saluabi and mod it out, Laugh posted a guide on it.

If you’re wanting on for the x360 though you’ll probably have to make your own or have one built for you, or you could get a PS2 saluabi and Xconverter360 from laugh, and mod it out that way. Order an inpin at the same time and you get sweet korean goodness for both PS3 and X360.

So nobody actually builds complete sticks using korean parts. I’ll think about trying to build one myself then.

Like others said, you can buy a Saulabi stick, it’s just that the parts sometimes tend to be lower quality. But they’re all Korean.


I can make you one

I’ve bought 3 korean sticks from laugh so that shouldn’t be a problem. He sells parts mainly but just ask him about a Saulabi or Stick.pe.kr stick and he’ll be glad to help if he can.

If you do buy a korean stick from him you will need to do some modding to get it up to arcade standard.

That’s why you mod em. Laugh posted an excellent guide on this site on how to do the job. :wgrin:

echoing this - Laugh is the man to see regarding any K-town sticks or parts. Saulabi is main brand for Korea, but their parts tend to be not as quality as their jap counterparts.

grumpy, where are you located?