Where can i get a TE Stick in Canada (360)

amazon does not have any and for some reason gameshark.ca the check out does not work!!

Right now 360 TE Sticks are hard to find in the U.S just as they are in Canada. You can try to buy a Blazblue TE stick if they have them on eBay or AmazonCA

It depends where in Canada, it’s a big place, bud. I bought mine at EB way back when, don’t know if they still have some.

There is nothing on Amazon.ca, only stick they have for the 360 is the [LEFT][COLOR=#e47911][FONT=verdana][SIZE=12px]Real Arcade Pro: EX Premium VLX[/LEFT] [/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]and there is no way iam paying $299 for one.

Why didn’t you go on madcatz CA store…They have several TE’s in stock…


If you are having trouble with the online checkout, Call them.



Only ones that struck my eye : /.

candacup gaming is always a good spot just google it