Where can i get a USB connector?


Lots of custom boxes on here have nice usb connectors so you don’t have to have a cord on your stick all the time. My question is, where can i get one?


You want a USB jack and a male-male USB cable to use with it.

You can find those on all kinds of sites online, just google it. >_>


depending on what you want to go for you can try either of these, the first is usb A to B (like usb printer cable) the second is mini usb to usb A (like the cable that comes with your camera or playstation 3 sixaxis or dual shock 3)


i like this one because it looks really easy to mount onto your case:


but it doesn’t look like you can solder wires to the other side. i guess i could just get another cable for the inside.

i found plenty by searching, but i really need a nice way to mount it.


yeah best to use another usb cable inside