Where can I get Baolian Sticks?

Spiffyshoes pointed me to this ebay auction for these sticks a few months ago:

And I bought a couple for some controllers I had built. The reason I want them, is that they are cheap, and they have a mounting plate and circular restrictor that fits on sanwa sticks. I can’t find any info on them anywhere, help would be appreciated. I want like 5 of them. (that is an old auction, by the way)

Hmm…Sanwa also makes stick with round acutator (JLW-TM-8 with a GT-0).
You knew that maybe :).

I did know that, but these things were great because they were really cheap, and I wanted the mounting plate and the actuator from them. They had that same vertical/rectangular mounting plate that fits in both the Red Octane sticks and the cases you can buy at arcadereview.com.

A tiny amount of Googling led me here which says your eBay seller has a website of his own you could look into.

Wow, thanks. I guess I’m not so good at using google, lol. I’ll pm you next time I need to do a search:lol:

I couldn’t find any info, I thought maybe I was spelling it wrong.

holy cow, look at all those knock offs. They have knock off seimitsus, sanwas, happs and those euro stick things. wow.

Are those sticks any good? Also, can anyone recommend which one is the best? I’ve been looking for cheap balltops, and I think I’ll go with these.

These sticks, or at least the red balltop ones, aren’t sanwa quality. They are however, a lot better than the red octane sticks, even though I think they are made by the same people. (maybe not?) the stick fits more snug in the holder. It should be noted though, that the red balltop is glued in, and there is a nut on the bottom of the shaft, not a screwdriver slot. The ball doesn’t spin around loosely, but you probably won’t be able to get it off easily, if at all.

Yeah I found that guys website in Canada after emailing him about an ebay auction. :clap:

I think im gonna get like 30 bucks worth of parts from them just to make a budget stick for comparison reasons.

This is what you want maybe:
Maybe you know that already :).

Just revisiting this site… I love the choice of game characters at the top. This is the best selection of bobo parts, ever!

Are Baolin’s the same as X-Gaming? I have X sticks, round restrictor sounds good.

No, X-gaming is the name of the company that makes X-arcade sticks, they are different. X-arcade sticks are happ style, and they do not use restrictors, but they do hava a round movement radius.

Maybe you are talking about a different stick altogether though, I dunno.

Bao-Lian seems clone both Sanwa and Happ, check out their website. Possibly X-Gaming’s sticks are Bao-Lian’s Happ clone?

Ahh, I understand now, thanks. I always concidered the Baolin the SFAC stick…They look the same to me.

They may be. I know the SFAC stick uses the same color switches as the Red Octane sticks used, and the RO sticks were Baolian. I remember that guy CDL used to talk about some company that made the X-arcade sticks though, I think they may be different. Xarcade sticks feel like real happs to me though, but I’m not really a happ user anyway, so I’m sure I’ll be corrected on that.

this restrictor sure as hell doesnt look like it will fit on the sanwa stick…

It does, it fits perfectly. It won’t fit a JLF though.



Does sanding a restrictor work? Or…? Because I remember someone saying it over works the micro switches.