Where can I get Baolian Sticks?

I’ve never heard of doing that, but if you make the hole too big, you may end up bending the lever on the switch, I guess, making it less effective? I’m thinking it would be difficult to get it to work the right way by sanding it, but I’ve never tried. Its just easier and cheap to buy one of these things, if you are using a JLW.

Hey final, I’m not sure if you’re still looking, but I think these are some baolin sticks?


Comparing the picture with the one you posted, they look the same. If you’re going to buy some PM me first so that I can help you out.


Actually, once mayhem sent me the link, I bought like 10 of those sticks, but that is a baolian stick, and they are cheap as hell. much cheaper than paying for mounting plate and restrictor/actuator alone. awesome deal. Thanks though.