Where can I get my stick built?

I have an ideal stick in mind, don’t like anything that is commercially available, lack the resources, experience or craftmanship to make a good stick, but I would pay a pretty penny if there was some sort of service where one was built and delivered. If anyone can provide a company name that’d be awesome! Also, octagonal gates are the way to go for both 2d and 3d fighters right?

PM sent.

-Tha Hindu

octagonal gates suck

yeah after doing research i found out octagonal gates are not the way to go, just circular or square… well in that case i guess square it is

May you please provide some info on your custom sticks? Like what they are made of, how you mount the joysticks, the covering for the control panel, etc.

What research did you do?

Something you don’t do, Search.

PM sent.

-Tha Hindu

you testing me? whats with the arrogant skepticism? just cause you may have a preference it does not mean the majority has the same preference. Ive done a lot of searching on forums and the webs and almost all reviews and opinions argue which is the best, square. or circle gates. Octagonal gates are never mentioned cause not enough people care for them. i heard they have too much “throw” and too little engage while square and circle gates balance the two a lot better than octagonal ones.

Personally I use octagonal gates and just use Per’s JLF mod to reduce the throw and response.
Much easier to hit QC, HC and FC motions and has less throw as an LS-32 (LS-32 I believe has a 4mm throw, while my JLF has a 3mm throw and hits circular motions better).
Outside of a quick modding job though, square gates are the way to go for Sanwa.

correction. Gates are all personal preferance. 2 facts the seimitsu octogon gates reduce throw, sanwa octobonal gates increase throw. This is where the controversy stems from. Personally I prefer a seimitsu ls-56 with an octogonal gate, but that’s my preference. I say try them all and decide for yourself.

With the JLF, you really only have Square or Octagonal, and seeing how octagonal increases throw and what not, I think squares are pretty much the only way to go. There are a very small amount of people that do like the Octagonal Gate of course, but the square is recommended. The Square helps you become a better player as well once you get used to it, you learn to activate commands without having to rely/depend on the corners, and skip them entirely in some cases.