Where can I get patches for my stick bag?


So at my local Gamestop MvC3 launch I won myself a stick bag (7 rounds undefeated, woot)… Well it’s a Puma satchel bag but it is the perfect size for my Tek-case stick. I want to load it up with Capcom related patches but I can not find any other than a Felicia patch on Amazon. Any ideas?


I think the best you’re going to do is search for “[game] clothing patches” in google and find someone who makes/sell them.


If nothing else you can try hot topic (eww) or Anime/ Gaming Conversion’s Dealers room. You can find some nifty items at the dealers rooms that you have problems finding on line.


did you try ? It might be a longshot, but it can’t hurt to look,eh?! Got pics?


Hot Topic near me closed down so i can’t confirm this with out making a 35-45 min drive.
I know I saw a whole bunch of decent patches for various games and anime at the Deals room at Otakon every year. Problem being Otakon not till this summer, and I do not know about other anime cons that take place though out the world. I friend of mine used to have some Sweet Street Fighter and Hellsing patches.


Toys N Joys Online - Street Fighter Patches


where can you get a case to put the sticks in?


EVO sells them, Hori Store has them, and you can check individual game shops to see if they have their own unique brand of joystick case.

Some people don’t like either the Hori or EVO bags and make do with laptop cases, camera bags, etc…


Conventions are the best place in the world to get patches. They went out of vogue a few years back, so few places carry them. If nothing else, you can hunt online. But I haven’t had much luck there.

The world is full of movers and shakers. You are not one of them.


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