Where can I get the EVO 2014 ending credit song?


Hi there,

Does any know where I can buy the ending credit song for the EVO 2014 credits? I tried google, but my internet kung fu is not good. The title is, “Atmosphere” by Super Square from GunOnion Records.

Here’s the link to the EVO 2014 (3rd day), the song plays at the end at 3:00:55

Thanks in advance!


Anyone know the song in the 2002 Evo trailer?


It’s Evolution, by Namie Amuro.



Was that an intentional counter-troll troll? That’s a first that I’ve seen.


I wasn’t trolling, I actually want to buy the song, but I can’t find it on itune or amazon.


Have you tried their website? www.supersquaremusic.com


Thanks Tekno for the link. Yes, I did go there, but I wasn’t sure if that was them or not because of the “bootleg” title. I’m glad this link confirms them on iTunes for me. It looks like the song hasn’t been released yet. Thanks again!


Girl in your AV is hella cute. I would definitely Super her Square though.


You can grab it here! :slight_smile: It just got released.



Thank you A_Rival! Buying it now!