Where can i get the mic cable for the TE stick?


i lost mine, i searched around a bit but i havent found anything, perhaps i wasnt using the correct terminology. if anyone can lead me in the right direction that would be great!


Mic Cable, I am assuming you have a Xbox 360 TE stick.
If it is, then you want a 2.5 mm audio cable. I bought a similar cable for my Twin-Stick mod off of eBay.
Remeber it is a 2.5 mm cable that works with Xbox 360 Mics and for Cell Phones, an 3.5 mm is a standard audio jack for stereo head phones.

Here is a Link
NEW 6FT. 2.5mm Stereo Audio Extension Cable MALE-FEMALE - eBay (item 280486938402 end time Dec-26-10 08:30:37 PST)


if your talking about that piece that comes with the controller I have one i can send you. just PM me with an address no worries. I dont use it cause I tend to laugh uncontrollably when I get players constantly jumping in… bad habit and i feel sorry for ragequitters.


Curses you Blind, you foiled me again



Na, I am just kidding. Although your solution is more elegant than mine, spare parts are always easier than hacking existing cables.