Where can I get this pad

it’s the street fighter anniverssary 6 layout buttons made by nuby tech for the ps2, I couldn’t find it, please help

There are usually a few up on ebay. I wouldn’t recommend it though. The pad on them sucks.

Amazon.com has them too, it seems.

Just spend the money on a real stick. It’s much more worth it in the end.


Not a great pad, but the boxes make really cool decorations when up on display in a room!

If you want a 6 button pad, look for one of the saturn ps2 pads. The Dpads on those things are the best.

Don’t bother. Most say the D-pad on it is a piece of crap.

Your money would be best spent on the SF anniversary stick instead, which rocks the house! Mainly because you can easily install real arcade parts, but the stock parts are ‘ok’ too.

I got 3 of them on EBay for around $40 off EBay from a guy who I later found out is DreamTR on the forums. I like them better than Dualshocks, but yeah the pad isn’t the greatest. I can fireball and shoryuken all day on them but dashing is a chore. Plus the pad is pretty thick for whatever reason which makes them feel a little awkward. And the fact that R2 is a shoulder button rather than one of the 6 is kind of dumb. But since L is for Left I guess it doesn’t make sense to have it on the right…

Unless you want these for collection purposes just save up for a stick or look for the Saturn PS2 pad. Otherwise you will be buying something you probably won’t like and will just end up wasting money in the long run.