Where can I learn more about cabinets?

Hi, I’m thinking about investing in a cabinet. Where can I learn more about them? I’m actually more interested in the Astro City cabinets. I would like to know stuff about how to possibly connect game consoles instead of the jamma boards to the cabinet. If I have to do jamma boards, where is the best place to buy them? How to properly care… stuff like that… I hope I’m not asking silly questions… :wonder:

Please advise. Thanks.


howdy Monster …killercabs ditto go there and ask a billion questions in the Tech section , you may also want to checkout

Console to Jamma


connect PC to Arcade Machine and use MAME to emulate roms


New Astro City Teaser


and yes those scores do stink , i was mucking around trying to get the Dreamcast Controls to work.

^where did you get that Hyper board from? Is it CPS2?

hehehehe … hiya Sazae

Hyper MAME ! , CPS2 rom

btw the colors are washed out cause i took the photo in a Mode to pickup the Green and Pink lights properly.

I made build arcade cabinet. I bought new hss-0130 jp panel control box. I was work…new panel control on old arcade. Today I solder iron PSone PCB for 2 players.

Into PS2 system, Atomiswave system and Super NES… :coo:

this’s old arcade


do you have dc mgcd or custom dc2jamma you’d like to sell

hiya psychedelicbeat , to tell you the truth MGCD are not so great reports are the video doesnt look too good. And Yea i have hand built a custom Console Jamma Converter it handles PS2 , GC , DC PSX , possibly XBOX1 , but i am now looking into getting it built by a Pro PCB Manufacturer i have to teach myself how to use PCB Artist first.

btw opips2 excellent Marquee , been playing that for a long long time now man im gettin old.

Thanks, I’m very luck… because there the people don’t have time to make build arcade.

in America isn’t popular arcade. I heard more more make arcade cabinet like MAME for home. :shake:

In Japan is popular arcade. becuase the small lsland. Apt. and home near there market has arcade. :looney:

jeeezzz… amazingly sick pictures! i appreciate everybody’s input. thanks.

New Astro City is a good choice for a first cab. The nice thing about them is that the parts are fairly easy to come by, and the control panel can be interchanged with most of Sega’s other cabs (I’ve a Blast City on mine). If you play vertical shooters, the monitor can also be rotated easily in about 5 minutes; other cabs are more of a pain in the ass (although if you plan to rotate the monitor a lot, I’d suggest an Egret II, since it uses an even easier rotate mechanism).

And I third the suggestion to hit killercabs.com. I’ve learned so much over there, it’s not even funny.