Where can I order parts in Canada?

Is there an online retailer that ships Sanwa parts from within Canada? I would like to avoid ordering from Hong Kong off of eBay or having to wait while my parts make it through customs.


www.lizardlickamusements.com even if you’re out of country. Always willing to work with you. Just ask!

Well I ordered my part from Lizardlicks.com which is from the US and it came it 6 days and no extra taxes, brokerage fees or duties. Same goes for my friend who ordered twice from them last month either. Chad is a great guy to deal with and wouldn’t hesitate to order from him again. I haven’t had any personal experience in dealing with gtarcade.com except for a few email enquiries so I can’t really say but my friend was going to try buying from them but didn’t get an email response after 2 days so he just ordered from Lizardlicks instead.

When I was living in Vancouver, I had no problems whatsoever going through http://www.akihabarashop.jp/ . No customs, no duty. Just have Per (the proprietor) mark the contents of value under $10. I highly recommend Per.

I even recommend using Air Mail as a cheaper alternative to EMS – there’s no tracking, but the stuff gets to you just as quick.

Thanks for all the replies. I was actually looking through lizardlick as I contemplated making a thread. The only memories I had of Lizardlick was this same time last year during the crazy parts shortage and waiting lists. But it seems that it’s mellowed out now… and the Canadian dollar is almost par with the American.

I’m made my 4th or 5th order from lizardlick last week. They’re great. I’m in toronto and my parts always show up without any hassle. I reccomend ordering from lizardlick. They have everything and their prices are top notch, especially with our dollar so strong today.

As awesome as this is, this is fraud. It’s a bit low key but don’t commit it.

I can’t recommend GTArcade enough. The only place you should go if you’re in Ontario.

At that time last year I think everywhere was experiencing the crazy parts shortage so don’t think it really had to do with lizardlicks. The only problem I find with gtarcade is the limited selction of colors for buttons.