Where can I pimp my stick?

Yaay, I got my Hori Ps3 stick! But the looks are boring.

Do you know a site or sumthin’ how to make an arcade stick more fashionable?

For example: I like to have a sticker of this one


and buy red/black/white buttons and I really wanna have an american poke because the european ball-poke is so annoying.

Thank you for reading,


lizardlick.com for stuff
kinkos for art.

I’m not sure if you’re asking for any specific instructions or just general ideas, but I am sure that a search through Tech Talk will uncover answers to all of your questions! :tup:

You could also check out this post by arthong. He is a very cool dude that knows what he is doing.


Thanks guys I sure im gonna pimp my stick!

I am quite certain that the ball top on the HRAP3 is Japanese not European…

that said, def check out the plexi-glass by arthong. Hes got a nice and easy solution for personalizing the top panel.


I assume you post this thread cuz you havent done much search on here. so FYI, the buttons on the HRAP3 are made by Hori so ppl usually prefer to switch them out for Sanwa or Seimitsu made buttons for their higher quality. or you can just switch it out for aesthetic reasons.

you can spray paint it the sprinkle glitter on it before it dries