Where can I place an order (CANADA) for a Hori FS3?

Hey guys!

I am aware of the massive shortage of arcade sticks for the PS3 (SE, TE, Hori xyz, etc!).

I am just looking for a place to order a Hori FS3 in Canada where they will simply ship me one once they get a FS3 in stock!

Any suggestions? I just want an entry level stick that I can use out of the box without having to worry about modding/etc (ie: madcatz SE stick requires me to mod and I have zero experience with that hehe…)


umm all madcatz se requires is unplugging a connector and taking out the old button and putting the new one in… same deal for the joystick… how is that even remotely hard?

maybe he just wants a stick out of the box that won’t suck completely and break in the first week instead of having to get parts and mod it himself

amazon.ca had these for cad$49.99 with free shipping, but currently oos
they’re on backordered right now, u can signup and get notified though