Where can I take another REAL I.Q. test?

No, I’m not taking some online “test” for idiots to make them feel smart. I want to take the real deal like I did when I was in school, with shape/number/pattern/ statistical prediction and probability and such. When I was in 5th grade, my middle school had a few people from the state school board along with a state-certified psychologist or psycho-analyst or whatever administer IQ tests for the kids at school over the course of a week. My IQ was determined to be 115. I want to take it again…and actually TRY this time. Last time I stayed up late the night before, and was getting sleepy. I never went back to answer a few questions I had to really think about (I was told to skip them and come back to them when I was done…from what I remember, overall test time was a factor as well).

A lot of people don’t know this, you might, who knows. IQ tests are pretty sad ways of measuring your intelligence. Very few Psychologists have claimed to make a culturally unbiased IQ test and even fewer think they’ve seen a test that is actually representative of one’s intelligence. Case in point: I have a friend who was tested for mental retardation several times throughout his life, once he got to middle school it quickly turned out that he had the memory and logical abilities of a fucking mastermind. He nearly aced the SAT without ANY sleep under his belt, but does terribly on IQ tests.

If you want to take it, that’s cool, I just wouldn’t take that number and tout it around like it’s everything.

iq test you say?


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IQ tests really dont mean anything at all. einstein was put in the retard classes in school and goes on to reinvent physics. dont let other people tell you how smart you are, prove it to yourself. or if you’re really that vain and naive just make up a number between 125 and 110

Why are you so preoccupied with your intelligence? All the geniuses you look up to were measured by their merit. You should focus your efforts on that if you want people to gush over how “smart” you are.

Well, my dad’s been giving me shit about how little help I am with his problems (taking his dog to the vet for expensive cortisone shots that don’t relieve the dog’s chronic itching, his car troubles, phone company raising rates on the bundled plan I told him NOT to go for, etc.)…he takes a lot of stock in IQ, and says I was more helpful, and better able to hold a conversation (I actually have no interest in conversing with him…all he talks about is money) back when I was a pre-teen, and that I must hove lost a few double-digits in the mental department. I was just looking for a way to prove I’m not nearly as dumb as he thinks I am. I just can’t help him with his problems cuz I have zero experience in those areas, and can only advise him to go somewhere else for services he feels he’s being cheated on.

i dont see how you can use Einstein as an example and say he was retarded so iq tests dont mean anything (inferring that his retardation would score him low iq test scores), yet im pretty sure his IQ was through the roof. as are a lot of other “retarded” people who have high iq scores.

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im sure you could pay for a legitimate online iq test - if not call up your local mensa chapter and sign up for one

I don’t think they’re as inaccurate as people make them out to be, they’re certainly not the be and end all of intelligence. Example would be the easiest way of saying.

Through Facebook and knowing the individuals directly. Some people on my list scored between 80 and 90. Looking at those results you could say that they were stupid but that would be jumping to conclusions? They were actually stupid. Some people were smart but got scores like 100, knowing them I know that they worked hard in school etc.

The IQ test on Facebook are pretty shit in all honesty but it showed me exactly what I expected of the individuals.

Sure, but ‘what you expected’ isn’t very scientific. Some of the people cared more when they took that test than others. Some people hardly paid attention, I’m sure. On top of that, some people are just terrible test takers but could answer more questions for themselves than either you or I could.

Numerating intelligence is a pretty slippery slope.

That has occurred to me…numerous times.

WOW. Who knew there would be a story behind this thread?


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The quick answer is: you can’t. IQ test are designed for children to test their level of cognitive thinking and memory. There are adult iq tests but they focus on adult tasks/interactions and are completely different.

Yes. IQ isn’t even a valid measurement for adults. Mental Age/Physical Age * 100 means shit if you’re 30.


you can even find out which lord of the rings character you would be if you were to be one. its awesome.

implying there is a difference…