Where can we discuss shin akuma?

I didnt see a shin akuma thread out there, so I figured Id make one.

I just wanted to talk about what is (in my opinion) one of the best characters in the game. I like him to be second in a team of 3, in C or N groove… I love that hcb,hcb+k super… its got to be the best in the game, there are so many freakin uses…

also, it seems that he has the best combos in the game, my fav. is: jump in qcf+FP,c.lk, qcb+lk, FP shoryuken. does crazy damage and since I use him as a ratio two, it usually scares the oponnent and puts them on the defensive, so I can throw the crap out of them or do a raging demon.

While he does have some nice moves and combos etc…, i have to disagree when you say he’s one of the best. He takes entirely too much damage from attacks, I’d be surprise if two equal players, skill wise, played and shin akuma won. But I agree he has some cool moves, of course I’d never be fooled by a shoto’s moves, way to predictable.

Shin Akuma’s new misogi super and the 33 hit raging demon is nice, but he takes massive damage…a level 3 wipes him out instantly.

You don’t even have to do a supermove when “raged” in K groove when playing against Shin Akuma, because the extra damage added to every move you give is more than enough to kill him by itself…

Here’s my view on Shin Akuma/Gouki…

HARD to play since he takes too much damage, but how many people know this? Shin Akuma/Gouki has an AMAZING comboing potential. All he needs is one clean combo opener (as well as a player with good hands :smiley: ). But of course, that’s assuming you don’t screw up or die before u get a clean hit :p.

Once the opener lands, and you know what you’re doing, the game is over. With the combo ending with Misogi. The most hits I’ve ever done is 43 (42:manual hits ending with 43:Misogi), of course, killing the other player.

But even though he is THE strongest character in the game (damage wise) he’s too easy to kill! :smiley:

Curious, does ANYONE know exactly what I’m talking about? :smiley: :lol:

cough his gay ass infinite cough

ok, so whats the infinite! cough it up!

True, it is an infinite combo but the trade off is that he can get killed easily, so I think he’s balanced out. And plus, the infinite combo takes some practice, you know when u get to a corner, u need to switch sides without breaking the combo.

But of course, I don’t play Shin Akuma, too hard to stay alive lol:D

Hey, i’m a real Shin Akuma Fan, i’ve been useing him ever since my CVS2 stoped working, but i’d like to know where I can find some Akuma, Ryu or Ken art, like not crapy art, but worthwhile art.

ya shin akuma is good but if u play a good rusher he will take u down so fast cuz of the damage shin akuma takes

dont use the ragging demon it is slow and u no when it is comming. use the level 3 combo 4 some thing eles

Re: Re: where can we discuss shin akuma?

well ur wrong the ragging demon with shinakuma is good. its fast and hard to move from. but really sorry to say this whole thread is use less. can u tell me an arcade that allows the use of shin akuma. and i know that he is not in tourneys either. so y waiste ur time on talking about him. also he is the boss and is one of the best characters in the game. his walking is as fast as a running akuma. so he is top tier, also he has an infinate combo.

well damn it guys what is that infinite combo??? i use shin akuma against my buddies terry, ryu, and kim. he does decent damage but i turtle with him. one of my fav combos is the jump in qcf fierce punch, half back short jab, into the level three chop. but seriously what is that infinite cuz i could really use it. thanks, stay up.

well if u turlte with shin akuma i bet u dont win much, and if u do ur buddies may not be that great. im fairly sure the infinate combo is air fireball twice then crouching fierce. keep repeating that. u end the combo with a crouching fierce to chop. but dont quote me on this im not sure. u have to be able to switch sides without breaking the combo. but really dont turtle. he is the best rushdown in the game not the best turtle.

sorry that infanite only works on big people, like geif chang ect. sorry.hope no one was sittin around trying it, and does anyone know if u can use shin akuma, ultra rugal, evil ryu anf evil iori on xbox live.

I use to fear the CPU Shin Akuma till I tore him up with Sagat. It was just unbearably easy.


double air fireball, land, jump forward j.strong XX double air fireball, land, repeat. Or something like that. Can be done in corner, you can alternate the standard jumping set with something like jump straight up j.RH XX double air fireball… I think.

i find it sad that u need to use a top teir character to beat a comp. shin akuma is beat by any uppercut and low hits like cammy’s spiril arrow, shin akuma is shit when the comp uses him.

this infinate only works on big people. like geif raiden chang. thats all.

Pfft, I don’t fucking care what tier I or anyone else use. As long as beating him is the goal.

well if your goal is to beat a comp, well i dont know what to say.
comps are nothing. if you fear a computer i wonder how u do at arcades or in tourneys.