Where can we discuss shin akuma?



sorry that infanite only works on big people, like geif chang ect. sorry.hope no one was sittin around trying it, and does anyone know if u can use shin akuma, ultra rugal, evil ryu anf evil iori on xbox live.


I use to fear the CPU Shin Akuma till I tore him up with Sagat. It was just unbearably easy.



double air fireball, land, jump forward j.strong XX double air fireball, land, repeat. Or something like that. Can be done in corner, you can alternate the standard jumping set with something like jump straight up j.RH XX double air fireball… I think.


i find it sad that u need to use a top teir character to beat a comp. shin akuma is beat by any uppercut and low hits like cammy’s spiril arrow, shin akuma is shit when the comp uses him.


this infinate only works on big people. like geif raiden chang. thats all.


Pfft, I don’t fucking care what tier I or anyone else use. As long as beating him is the goal.


well if your goal is to beat a comp, well i dont know what to say.
comps are nothing. if you fear a computer i wonder how u do at arcades or in tourneys.


Well excuse me if I don’t play my fighting games on the easiest difficulty such as yourself. :rolleyes:


sure there u think that, i play mine on the highest and i beat shin akuma with anyone. u need to use different charaters then the original line of top tier characters. have u even been to an arcade to play.:lol:


Damn, you must live in the middle of nowhere if you can go through Single, 3 on 3, and/or Ratio by yourself. Cuz where I live you can’t go through it by yourself cuz everyone will play you. And no one uses Shin Akuma. :rolleyes:


man ur dumb, when i wanna try new things i try them on ps2 so i dont waist my arcade money.


Right, I’m dumb. Coming from a moron. Sure. :rolleyes:


Who the fuck is this guile kid? He sounds like another god ryu… >><<


IM not really sure if this is the right place to post this (my first post and all…) but I was wondering if anyone could tell me how to unlock Shin Akuma as a playable character?

Ive looked at gamefaqs and a few other places and Ive done what they said (1500+, SNk groove, beat the middle boss, etc.) and i still cant get him. Ive never even gotten to play him as an end boss. All i have played are normal akuma, rugal and ult. rugal.

Anything special that you have to do? Thanks in advance!


It isn’t SNK groove, it is SNK Character, no continues, and 1500+… it is also random I have noticed/heard… he doesn’t always appear, but make sure you are using a SNK character, just one, not two-three characters.


hey comeone dont compare me to him, we have all read his posts and at least u can understand mine, not like his raps.



I think you’re a bit confused.

To unlock Shin Akuma meet these condition’s, (you can use less, or different ones, but this will definatly do it.)

  1. Do Arcade SINGLE PLAYER
  2. Use a CAPCOM Groove
  3. Use a CAPCOM Character
  4. Beat everybody without any continues
  5. Beat the Mini-boss (random guy between last normal round and the final.)
  6. Get 1500+ points by the end of the final round.
  7. Shin Akuma should appear. Beat him. As many continues as you like.

There are definatly many other way’s but that’s pretty damn simple and will always work. Good luck.


I got a perfect off god rugal on hard!!! just wanted to say that haha.:o


well if u want to be good with shin akuma play a fast game and ull win


shin akuma is a VERY powerful character, but you have to be a cut above, or have a massive amount of guts to use him in a competetive setting. the idea to staying alive is, “dont get hit - EXTREME!” but if you can manage that, he’s nuts to play.

i have days where i can wipe people off the erf, and days where im the 3shot loss. im glad they nerfed him, though or he would be too much