Where can we expose players that lag? PSN: BHG5


I played a set with a solid player then in the second third and so on the scrub would lag before I could do anything! I just want to expose the turd. Besides dude was good, but why make the match unplayable for me? What did he prove nothing?! I’ve beaten the turd before but to lose to this guy over and over and then to send me a message saying he destroyed me. WTF. Can someone explain why idiots do this, it’s a fucking waste of time. You can’t lagswitch a player in a tournament so what’s the point of a moral victory! You don’t even prove who’s the better player.



I’m not sure, but I’m guessing witch hunting threads aren’t allowed or wanted. And without a video to prove it, it’s just your word that it happened. Since you have no established credibility, I have no reason to believe you’re right about him lagswitching. And even if you were credible enough to believe, the SFV netcode is so messed up that I wouldn’t automatically assume any player who starts to lag is lagswitching.

Maybe I’m giving you too much respect just by replying. tbh, if you’re only on your 5th post here, and that post is a salty complaint thread about another player, you probably don’t deserve any.


What in the hell is lag switching.


How do you know for sure he was lag switching? If you were playing Sf5, that game has horrible netcode and the lag most likely came from that. just sayin.