Where can you get an Arcade Stick in the Tokyo area?

I’ve got two friends who’re in Japan right now and they’ve been looking to buy some arcade sticks while they’re there. They’ve been looking around in Akihabara without finding anything, so I’m wondering if someone here might know of a place in / near Tokyo that sells them. Thanks in advance!

What kind of arcade stick?
Softmap in Akihabara (the ones that carry games since theres a ton of softmaps there) should have HRAP’s for sale.

There’s other gaming stores in the back alleys that might have HRAPS or something, too. Keep in mind to check more than just the first floor of any store.


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I presume you are talking about the pink Hori stick that’s coming out soon?

Your friends should be able to get it at most of the places in my Akihabara Top 10 list:


If either of your friends are into modding arcade sticks (or just arcade parts in general) they may want to try this place called G-Front in Akihabara.

What you do is from Club Sega walk to the end of the road (you’ll know you’re on the right track because there’ll be a shop selling Softbank mobile phones on your to your left), cross the road and take a left. Look out for a G-front sign (it’s REALLY easy to miss) and it’s on the 1st floor of some office building.

There’s another arcade parts store in the area called Mak Japan but I can’t remember where it is atm :(.