Where cool kids hang

#srkkaillera on EFNET.

don’t have irc? you internet scrub!

:u: This guy has an AIM screen name from 1998, take his word for it. He knows Internet.

cant be too cool if banning a LION is an occurance<>

Yeah…yeah it can be, that makes it beyond cool; it’s now at “FUCKING AWESOMELY COOL”.

Did the actual chatting/match making start to pick up though? I used to go in there and it was a ghost town.

i tried to defend you :sad:

its ok sonic…and i accept the dis- <>its all too easy too dis someone who challenges/beats all you name players,and thats only played online 1 month<>

A couple people in there these days like kewlbub and Golden Lion are a disgrace. Both in-game and out.

QFT…why even join if your gonna just waste time with BS trash talking…another reason why im not in GW as much

Just like in school, I was never the “cool kid” and was always the last to know about the “cool thing to do” and it’s no different in this case (until today, 'cept the cool kid part).

Ho Ho Ho

i waxed kewlbub so please dont insult me and next time scrubbb use all caps. like this GOLDEN LION!

You should change your name to Syntax.
(…kinda mocking myself there, but those who get it, get it.)

Damn, I really suck at 3S…

get at me

nah you should go too your aim more often too accept my challenge. HO HO HO

Every time I go there there are like 100 people logged on but almost nobody talks. What’s up with that?

It’s called idling, you ain’t cool unless you can pull of a 30 days uptime of pure idleage.

Seriously though, I’ve seen people complain about that way too much. If you’re having trouble getting a game, try to host a game, and say your location, and the IP:port of the game(or even put it up in waiting games). Generally people will see this, and if they are interested they will join your game. There’s no need to say it more than once, as your text doesn’t magically disappear from sight.

Also, if you’re looking for a more social channel while you wait, join #capcom

your scared too accept my challenge but luckily your channel advice is solid<>