Where could I buy these boards?

Melty blood: Act Cadenza Ver.b2
Guilty Gear Accent Core
King of Fighters: Maxi. Impact Regulation A

Basically my arcade is interested in buying these boards but doesn’t know where to get them from. The only webosite I know of that sells PCBs is coinopexpress, but I heard from some that they’re over-priced, and they don’t have some of the things I want anyways.

If one could point me in the right direction, thanks are expected.


Thanks, it seems that I’ll be able to get Accent Core off of them. I’ll contact them later regarding the board, but do you know if they’ll get a board for me if I ask them? If not, know of any places where I could get the other two games from?

I remember Excellent Com advertised recently that they had KOF:MI-RA for sale. As for Melty Blood I know Fujita often has it in stock but don’t update the list on their site very often, so doesn’t hurt to ask…