Where could I learn KOF and GGXX?

I have recently gotten into both these games, (always loved GG just had no one around who played it.) I was looking for sites that had combos, set ups etc. Kind of like SRK had back in the day for marvel.

Are there any sites for this? I mainly play KoF 2000 or 2001. I tend to play characters that I like as opposed to ones that I hear dominate. So alot of the threads here on those games don’t really help me.

Any suggestions? I mainly play Bridget in GG and Mai’s team in KOF, since I know them from CVS2.

Thanks in advance.

KOF -> guardcrush.net or cyberfanatix.com
GG -> Dustloop.com forums

KOF- Orochinagi.com also

I havent been to cyberfanatix in a long time but orochinagi is good but gets no traffic and gc will gets less traffic than orochinagi

GC is moving on from SNKP games. =P

the kof main reference site is cyberfanatix.com
orochinagi is pretty good but full of noobs that ask for moveset while others discuss of advanced stuffs

CF is not much of a gameplay site, more of a fandom site. What gameplay stuff they discuss is often dominated by combo discussion- which won’t help you actually learn how to play. That said, usually questions get answered.

The Grey Area- Dude PM me I will be glad to share with you all my references and get you what you need to learn these games.

to learn kof go to Mexico:rofl: but seriusly you need some friends to play with for practice:sweat:

although i should be asking this at dustloop.com, if I was interested in getting GG, should I start with SLASH (own it), or wait until AC comes out on PS2?

Learn the basics in Slash if you want to get into it now, AC won’t be out on PS2 until May 31. The vast majority of the GG community in the US is still playing Slash, so there’s still a good scene for it. Just don’t expect for it to last when AC comes out.

On SNK games maybe… but I could care less now that i’ve kinniku bustered all the 3D games :rofl:

cyber and orchio but fucking suck there like the gamefaqs for snk.

srk is your best bet.

i think i’ll just wait and start fresh with AC. May 31st isn’t too far away, and I have other games to occupy me until then… No point in learning 2nd Impact if 3rd Strike will be the tourney standard.

The Grey Area…is in a grey area… :s

For the KoFs:

Orochinagi moves slowly, but has a lot of good information in old threads. It usually has a flurry of activity when a new game comes out, and there are some very knowledgable people there. Useful for the information that’s there, even if the discussion isn’t speedy. I haven’t checked in a while, but if they still have the old forums archived, they had a lot of good information on older games.

Cyberfanatix, is, as others have said, mostly a fandom site. The practical play information is all in the forums. It can be a fun site to check out just for the stuff they pick up on, like updates to SNK’s Japanese-language websites. Cyberfanatix does seem to have a substantial contingent of international players, which is valuable.

SRK has a lot of good information, but it can be really hard to find anything since it’s usually all in one thread per game.

Avoid cyberfanatix at all cost. It is impossible to have a discussion in that forum without that idiot remukhan saying “you are insulting people”. He doesn’t have a single clue about how debates work. Possibly one of the worst moderators/administrators I’ve met online.