Where could i pick up a TE Arcadefight stick for something other than 200$

in canada:cool:

Try to find someone in your area that sells one on kijiji.

Try the amazon marketplace

I got mine for $105 USD Total

where in Canada are you?

ALL of these don’t ship to canada pretty much lol.
Bought my first one for christmas 200$ retail, then I finally found this website and I was pissed. I could’ve got myself a real nice custom one with that 200$ but atleast my te round 2 hasn’t had any issues yet.

get someone in the states to send one to you

I did this and I got taxed $27.59 (canadian international package tax ) and my friend was kind enough to do over night shipping so it costed him 168$ with dhl so basically he could’ve just bought me another stick >_> but he did over night shipping because he didnt send out the package for 2-3 weeks since the last promo offer for the keychain20

Toronto Ontario

Btw why are ps3 sticks usualy cheaper than 360?

I don’t know but my theory is that since Microsoft makes the 360, it is easier for the 360 ones to install on PC. On these forums, I see a lot of people with problems installing their PS3 sticks on PC.

So yeah, really, you should just use Amazon.

It’s because licensing accessories is more expensive for the xbox. The mark up is probably pretty high on the TE which is why they just take the profit loss for 360 TEs instead of marking them up even more.

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The PS3 sticks are cheaper because Microsoft charges a licensing fee for use with 360, while PS3 can use most HID compatible controllers (driverless).

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