Where did all the feminist/hipsters come from?


The word rape means the act of seizing and carrying off by force. Example: the rape of the countryside.

So using the word is fine.

Feminists try to steal the word to change its definition to be specific to the act of forcing a woman into sexual intercourse.

Modern day feminists have now successfully changed its definition to mean regretted an act of sexual intercourse, which may or may not have happened at some point in time.

I actually know a couple girls that were really forced into sex and I also saved a girl that I saw getting raped in the subway, so I know how frightening it is for the girls. I am surprised to see girls that have been really violently forced into sex allow these feminists to downplay such a terrifying crime into the same group as girls who had sex with their boyfriends then after the act was over decided to change their mind. Then again, feminists are probably too busy hating men to notice that they hate women who are real victims as well.


It’s trying to take a word and own it, but for all the wrong reasons. They’ve done the same thing with sluts that black people have done with nigga, except they’re trying to own a term that doesn’t strictly encompass their gender. Just look at the term misogyny, it’s been warped to the point that it means anything that doesn’t strictly agree with women these days.


The problem though is that feminism is viewed as a proxy for women…if you attack and criticize feminism your in essence attacking women.


Wait…people are hating on that new Cyberpunk game?

But why?


Because the murderous, invincible cyborg woman was in bed clothing and draped in a ‘submissive’ position. Aka they completely missed the point of the trailer and assumed it was just US WHITE POLICE MEN HATE WOMEN PEW PEW PEW PEW.



Starting to sound a lot like censorship to me.


This thread is STILL going and people are trying to dance around things other than just admit to and call out the blatant misandry from a number of things? Yes, unfortunate things happen to some women, and yes in the past, some countries have treated women horribly, but the men of today are not responsible or at fault for what happened to the women of yesterday, nor are we the men of yesterday or from those countries. As such, for straw feminists to view us as such and attempt to passive-aggressively and “not so subtly” suggest that the only way to make things right is if “the men become submissive to have their turn too”, is just flat out wrong.

If some fuckdumbasses are treating women like shit, beating them, raping them, and doing all sorts of things to them, that’s absolutely awful and I send out my sympathies and as much of an understanding as somebody not in that position can offer, but to put it bluntly, I am not responsible for the actions of that man and the acts of the disgusting few should not lead to the punishment and/or hatred of the many.



You might try pointing out specific things that people are incorrect about. For example:

This is, of course, wrong.

You’re conflating an image of power, action, or agency, for what would literally be homoerotic images of naked men in bondage. That is, homoerotic to the male audience which you assume is the target of these ads- which is in error. I don’t know if you’re familiar with Smallville, but it had a large female viewership. I’m not so familiar with Arrow, but, as I understand it, it is similar in that regard.

Also incorrect. Either you mean the 1850s and '60s, and don’t know what you’re talking about, or you actually mean second-wave feminism, instead (and are also quite wrong). Most of the grievances voiced in this thread have to do with the fringe ideals of second-wave feminism- in fact, earlier in the thread, there was a video posted featuring quotes by prominent or famous figures in the movement. Maybe you missed it.

I like how women holding political rallies, trying to vote, and being involved with the abolitionist movement are the “sparks” which have “contributed to” this precious third-wave feminism (ie. slut walks and the idea that “heteronormative” notions are immoral; clearly much more important). If you are actually referring to second-wave feminism, your comment is also absurd, but relatively less so.

Oh…was this post a parody? If so, I think it’s far too subtle; if you’re going to condescend to people to inform them that they don’t know what they’re talking about, and then go on to be wrong, yourself, about nearly every statement, you have to be wrong in a way which is less prosaic.

Incidentally, I should hope whatever you’re teaching isn’t American history of any sort, at least as it relates to this subject about which you claim to be informed.


For all the misguided white boys that don’t understand what’s wrong with them, I’ve got you covered.



I came in to say that I’m outraged that such things happen! That man’s physique is an unrealistic depiction of the male anatomy! How can I as a man be expected to look like that with my body as itis looking average with no abs or pectoral muscles showing? Whereas women can look however they like with no effort and men will oogle them? Fucking unrealistic expectations!


Why you guys are arguing about nonsense. I am trying to figure out life’s real problems. Like why the fuck does Chun Li have the biggest thighs and the flatest ass. Like that is not even sexy capcom.


I think it’s an incredibly positive development. We should always stand for relentless criticism of all that exists as it correlates to cultural oppression - the things we’re personally emotionally invested in, doubly so.

It’s possible to enjoy things on one level while viewing them with a certain detachment on another. For example, I love how KOF games play, doesn’t mean I have to be a big fan of bouncy Mai or King getting her clothes ripped off after a KO, and I have no trouble being vocally critical of it.

While it’s true that female gamers are making up a greater percentage of players these days, I find the notion that this should matter irrelevant to the discussion at hand. I think it’s great that there are more these days, but even if there wasn’t a single female gamer in existence, uncritically accepting sexism in games is just the wrong thing to do, as it only serves to reinforce real-world oppression.

And by the way it’s quite revealing that people online post their fantasies of sexual violence towards women who voice opinions they disagree with, like Sarkeesian. They’re doing an excellent job of proving the point not only of exactly why this criticism is necessary, but of why its volume should be increased.


The problem here, is that more of these “Perfect world” arguments that totally remove subjective viewpoints and social interpretation.
You’re views what is/is not may vastly differ from mine.


47% of gamers are women? Playing what?!


Well considering the % of that rose with flash games and I/OS and Android platform’s i’d think that is where a bulk are coming from.


What…that mobile phone crap? Seriously? The most casual of “gaming” programs?


Well if the mood of the defenders on this thread are to be believed, the environment should not matter.
It’s a “Do it my fucking way or i’ll make you” but reversed so the minority should hold sway over the majority.
The waters get muddied and will continue to do so,but that undeniable fact why no forward momentum has or will be made in said mediums.

The voice of “Unfair” or unjustified or exploitation hold no sway over profit margins.
Love it or hate it, that shall not change now or ever.


Three things I want to talk about, directed at nobody in particular, but that I’ve seen mentioned.

  1. SlutWalk

The entire raison d’etre for SlutWalk is simple: there are people out there who think that skimpy dress is partly to blame for rape. Which is just about the dumbest thing ever thought by anyone.

I used to buy into MRA bullshit until I actually listened to it. And listening to it is revealing: opinions that women who don’t want to be raped (because there are people who want to be raped, right?) shouldn’t dress in a way to “send signals” and “invite unwanted attention.” Because, as we all know, men just can’t control themselves when they really want to fuck someone, am I right studs? High five?

Yes, there are people that believe this. I’m not a big fan of those “I need feminism because” signs, but the one I totally agree with is the one that goes on to say “my school teaches girls how not to get raped, instead of teaching boys not to rape.” And yeah, it’s dudes doing the majority of the raping on this planet, and other dudes – and some women! – who say stupid shit like “well she asked for it for dressing like a slut.”

Hence, SlutWalk.

And before it’s said yet again: no, jackasses, this doesn’t mean women shouldn’t take preventative precautions. This also doesn’t mean I don’t like me skimpy ass clothing. If the Sorceress from Dragon’s Crown and I fought side by side and she made suggestive gestures to me throughout, I’d play along, see where it led, and hope it led somewhere awesome… but if I instead end Stage 1 by motorboating her titties and fucking her in every hole despite her protests, I’d be a fucking rapist. Fortunately I know how to control myself. More guys should, and stop saying bullshit like “she was asking for it.”

A partially-related aside: I’ve told my female cousins that if anyone tries to rape them, make them regret being born. Claw out their eyes. Apply enough torque to partially tear off their ears and/or scrotum. Make them fucking cry. It’s no less than they deserve.

  1. Countries that Mistreat Women

This is not a phenomenon of the past: it’s happening right now. Lawmakers in India calling protesters “troublemakers” for demanding better protection against gang rapes. Women in extreme conservative countries who have to get permission from men to do shit. Women who have to cover their bodies lest they “distract men.” Women earning less money on average than men for the same work. Shit like SlutWalk getting criticized for the reasons I just laid out. First world countries, third world countries, subtly, openly, whatever: this is neither a thing of the past nor ignorable.

The notion that women have it good in general is bogus. Just throwing out a stat or three about some field more women graduate in than men or whatever with no context into why that’s happening (PROTIP: while men are more often the victims of violent crime outside of rape, their attackers are almost always men, and that should tell you something about context) is idiocy.

  1. Shit that Legitimately, and Unfairly, Favors Women

I agree 100% that the favoritism on-the-scene police show to women in cases like domestic disturbance is unfair. I also, as mentioned, have strong opinions about maternity leave, child support, and other things where men aren’t being treated fairly. And while I do NOT think women should have to dress in flattering ways all the time, I like it when they do, and have mastered the art of subtle eye humping (hence my position of sexy female artwork in games and elsewhere).

But let’s not be moronic and assume these things cancel out the myriad of issues modern women and girls face. We’re better than that.


What MRAs condone the “she was asking for it” mentality?