Where did capcom go wrong with songs?

[media=youtube]nQjxZpJ6QqU[/media] <----so much better than that crap on sf4

next patch instead of a new character or a better online match making system try making a new soundtrack!!!

3s is so much better then 4 oh and so is the soundtrack.

The music from 3S was actually one of my least favorite things, it made me pissed at the horrible rap music. I like the SFIV music, minus the IN-DE-STRUCTIBLE!!


There will one day be a full comprehensive mod (even if only for PC) where you could transplant the 3s music into IV…I wait for this day.

IV’s music is embarrassing.

I like SFIV’s music, but it definitely isn’t as powerful as 3rd Strike’s or as memorable as SFII’s, though that may be due to nostalgia.

Really, though, SFIV’s music fits the game perfectly. Whenever I try to play another song over it, it just doesn’t feel the same. It’s a shame the character themes aren’t normal tracks to play to.

The intro song is hip hop but a lot of the soundtrack is made up of Jazz, Drum & Bass and techno.

I do like Hugo’s theme.

Cool, another music thread.

Agreed. I hate 3S soundtrack with a passion and am in love with SF4’s. One man’s meat is another man’s poison I guess.

I wish that you could select the remake of orginal SF2 songs into the stages. Like original Ryu theme, ken theme, guile theme those are all so epic but it’s a shame that you could only listen to it when u wait in the lobby. Like others have said before only song that’s bad is indestructible i feel like other songs are really good.

IN-DES-TRUC-TI-BLE has to go.

I liked the 3S hip-hop stuff since they were always about what the game and what you were doing in it. I actually have the intro on my phone as my alarm to wake me up every morning.

Akuma’s 3S stage theme is sick. More of this is needed.

Don’t worry, I’m sure Capcom are looking for new dlc - pay $15 to change the game music - sounds like them.

Listening to the music from prior games then the music of SFIV, it does make you wonder what the hell they were thinking when they made the IV soundtrack. :lame:

I have the blazblue soundtrack loaded on my 360.

SF4 + BlazBlue soundtrack = win.

Unnecessary duplicate thread about personal preference regarding music

Strret Fighter 1 ost > 3s

I’m listening to the Sf4 OST over and over atm. Dunno what’s your problem but I LOVE it.

it’s called an ipod. you can play songs straight off it on the 360.only time i actually hear the original soundtrack is when i’m doing casuals with other ppl.