Where did that Noah kid come from?


I just watched the MvC3 match with Noah. He can’t be older than 10.

I hope he goes up against Mike Ross.


He’s a famous bison player, quite top tier for his state too, he’s a young prodigy, although I didn’t know he played mahvel too. That’s good, looks interesting hoping to see more of this.


I hope someone interviews him, I’d like to hear his story.


I’ve read that he’s only 8.


He’s to Daigo as Kid Buu is to Buu.


Didn’t Gootecks Already Interview him???
they just said he was 8 on the stream


He’s been in a few tournament streams with his Bison, though this is the first I can recall him in MvC, and he’s doing very well! So hype he is repping DAT HULK, other than Sentinel we play the same team, an 8 year old is teaching me to take more risks with J.S and St. H lol.


Noah is pretty awesome for his age and Gootecks did interview him earlier. I’m just amazed at how many times this kid keeps exposing the fact that no one looks for TAC’s because I can’t even begin to count how many Up Exchanges he gets during his matches its utterly ridiculous.


Yeah, especially because they both have super armor on them. I’ve never seen so much st. H abuse, but it’s working.


I think it’s just unfamiliarity fighting Hulk, I really wouldn’t put it past some of those players never fighting one. My group of friends already know how to deal with those kinds of moves, so I have to develop different ways of landing them or do other combos altogether (AA or late St.M with armor; Cr.L, Cr.H xx AA Gamma Charge H follow-up into S).

That is what I assume, Hulk is scary when you don’t know what he is capable of, then when you figure it out it’s easier, but then the Hulk player puts more work in with his command grab and assist coverage and it’s scary again. Very slept on character, only getting better in Ultimate.


It is already up.

This kid is beastly.


Jump S doesn’t have armor.


Kid got eliminated.

Made it Top 48. Not too bad. The commentators said it is out of 1500 contestants. That is something.


Noah and I play sometimes. His XBL gamertag is qualy.


Top 40 is very impressive, who eliminated him?


I think it was Chris G


Yeah It was Chris G


i remember everyone booing when noah got hit, it was appropiate LOL, kid is beast


I believe him and his family are from Lompoc, CA?

They came to Santa Barbara Gamefest and once to our weekly gaming session here in SB.
He is very good at SF, he beat me in tournament with very solid play.
His Marvel playstyle needs a little bit of work IMO, he tends to not really mixup his attacking options too much. I think if you watch how he plays, you have a good chance of shutting him down.


Noah’s video game playing family in order of age - Noah (Bison), Sisto (Honda), and ILL Boog (balrog)

Their father is always with them during tournaments as well as other family members such as their uncles, who have done things such as sponsor the kids. (I believe its from an air condition installation company) but it helps pay for gas and such.

Noah’s first big tournament was UCI Fight for relief (there was a video taken with Gootecks and him here)

Noah is eight years old, Sisto is 15 years old, and Boog is 17 I believe.

I’ve spent a lot of time playing with them as a whole, and trying to teach them some things, I of course can relate to Noah having started playing SF3 competitively when I was 9.

Over the weekend Noah told me he wants to play C.Viper, I however, have tried to convince him to switch to Yun.

Noah knows no option selects, mashes throw constantly, throws out completely random ex psycho crushers and head stomps.

The best thing about this is- He know that, that is the reason he is winning and that its the double edged sword that is holding him from becoming a legitimate threat to top players.

Expect to see Noah switching characters in SF4 and UMVC3. Expect to see him in SFXT (he’s already in love with this game). Expect Noah to be around for a while. I see the same lust for blood in his eyes that I had. With the unwillingness and/or inability to physically fight, I believe he uses SF as his creative, and emotional outlet. You can see the joy in his eyes when he plays, and the eagerness while he waits in line.

So let it be known!

Noah is hungry
Noah is willing
Noah is training