Where did that Noah kid come from?


He is a little boy who Plays video games.

You know like most little kids

We were once little boys, spamming jumping roundhouse->sweep, he spams hulk smash.


Spams Hulk Smash but got Top 48. What a scrubby little boy…right?


u just used an argument fallacy. congratulations!


It’s the mental factor of facing to a kid and the crowd booing you.


It’s the mental factor of mvc3 players as a majority being on a mental level equal to or below a 9 y/o


I meet him and his other brother at the tournament at UCI he is crazy and he WILL get better and His MEXICAN so yea we in there!!!

His Fam is super humble koo people.


The shit did you just say? Can you speak English?


Let me try.


Noah’s going to be a fighting game monster in a couple of years.


Noah is the future. No one will be able to escape.

No. Shut up.


Have Calipower go in and train him. He could beat daigo by next evo then :tup:


He got recruited by Team MadCatz right after Evo. That kid is a prodigy.


Sorry for necro-post. Didn’t know he was this famous so I figured I’d share my story. I played Noah at a tiny Lompoc tournament. We played Street Fighter 4. I picked Ken and he was Balrog. It was a close fight but he won. He’s good, and for his age he’s beast.


Noah, the Magnus Carlsen of fighting games…