Where did the movelists go?

Mods, fellow SRKers, Peeps in general…

I was trying to look up some frame data for Terry, Yama, etc… and I noticed that in nearly every Character-specific forum, the previously stickied movelists and frame data has been removed. Is this because of the latest round of Forum housecleaning, and is there any way to get back these posts?

If not, did anyone happen to save any of the frame data that was previously posted?

Mr. S

ive also noticed that a very useful N-Groove Guide for Gouki was removed. get it back! :sad:

The Sagat frame data is complete. Plus I wrote down like 90% of the things I use with him as well (when to use what moves, basic combos, etc…). It should be enough to get anybody started if they want to start playing with that character. There’s also a lot of great Kyo info contributed by everybody here. Things like move analysis and strategies for fighting the hard matchups especially. My Kyo isn’t very good, but I wrote a lot on him as well if anybody is interested. The other volunteers like Wraithco etc… were nice enough to fill in a lot of the missing frame data for me. (set the forum to “show all threads from the beginning”)

As for the scrub characters (anything A-groove, non-expert Akuma, Cammy, Blanka, Bison), everybody gets to be on their own now. :smile:

Well, I know I’m not taking crazy pills … but it seems like the Yama frame data and Vice frame data are back up, but for some reason the forum wasn’t displaying, even From the Beginning. Still, the Terry data is gone…

I dunno, it kind of makes me sad. There’s a lot of institutional knowledge here at SRK that gets lost from all the forum sweeps. Like the K-Rugal guide written up a long time ago by Rugal 3:16… I never did save that one…

yeah what the fuck is up with that, crappy ass threads remain and good stuff gets deleted.

that’s not cool

wraithco was behind almost all the complete frame data lists on srk. he posted up a ton of useful info and people wouldnt even post in his threads.

wraithco deleted all of his old posts, with the reason “gone from srk”. i’m guessing one of you fine young men here insulted him or something. i’ve noticed that he deleted them quite a while back though.

oh and just so you know, deleted posts arent really deleted entirely from the servers. mods can still look at the posts and even restore them if they want to. i notice a lot of funny stuff getting deleted, or a lot of people trying to delete old posts in which they are have been proven to be wrong. it’s good stuff!

seeing as how wraithco was one of the few people who were actually helpful on the cvs2 boards, im gonna respect his decision and let his posts remain deleted. and yea, dont pm me about this.