Where did this "forever alone" BS come from?


IIRC he’s a staff member of JTV


My buddy who is my age (23) was trying to tell me I’m not cool if I don’t know my internet memes. We had like a half hour conversation about it. I haven’t talked to him since.

I feel like I’m the only one who thinks all this meme shit is retarded, and that stream monsters are the best argument for abortions.


I find myself hating the Internet more and more each day.


So mad


Well being single is, on some level, like being in purgatory lol.


the sad thing about the word meme, pronounced MEEM, is that it is meant an idea that spreads. SRK has a fuckload of them and certain threads have some of their own. For example, WE DA BEST is an SRK meme. Similarly the MrWizard and McRib connection, Viscant’s vest, and a bunch of other things have turned into memes. You don’t force memes they just kinda happen. The most certainly are not a forced picture with some shit on it.

Whatever, ya’ll niggas is stupid. Raptor Jesus > Your mothers.