Where do i find a bag for my TE

Just bought a MVC2 TE and i want a travel bag but no matter how hard i look i cant find one where can find a good selection of bags or can someone tell me where i can find a good bag for my TE

Brokentier’s bag is pretty nice. I have one of the first gen ones, and there have been several improvements since that run (notably zippers).

You can also take your stick to a Walmart or something and look for a cheap laptop bag that fits it. Most 17" laptop bags will fit it fine.

^^ yeah thats what I use, that or a back pack, depending on how much crap im carrying and whichever happens to be in my line of sight when I’m leaving haha

sometimes you can find the Evo Stick Sacks in the Trading Outlet or you can use a laptop bag(that’s what I used before I found a Evo Stick Sack).

EVO branded laptop bags…:rofl:. just use an existing bag instead… if all else fails, just make your own.