Where do i find a dual moding service online?

I have Ps3 Round 1 TE stick and its for PS3 i want to dual mod so it can be used for 360 so i can use it on my PC since Wasted 50$ already on 2 fkin VIA chipset USB adapters cuase my motehr board doesnt accept it im using madcatz TE round 1 for PS3 and i have no solution one of the chipset cause me so much problems with my pc its really pissign em off now i dont know what to do anymore i cant aford a 200$ new stick and just lost 50$ trying to paly USF4 ON PC but stick is not working it detects it but no buttons work ASRock H97M ANNIVERSARY LGA1150/ Intel H97/ DDR3/ SATA3&USB3.0/ A&GbE/ MicroATX Motherboard anyone know a legit site that dual mods

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