Where do I get Bison's fuzzy alternate costume



Thread says it all. I am not sure how to describe the costume, but I saw a costume where Bison’s red outfit was kind of pixelated or ‘misty’ like it was straight from a comic book or something. I have seen other characters with this costume as well. I believe I have purchased all the costume packs but I don’t seem to have this one. Does anyone know where to find it? Thanks!


I think you mean color 12 of the regular costumes? (part of the ones that are unlocked when a SF4 safe file is detected on your system)


I guess? Idk… i don’t have anything past 10.


This is for XBOX360 BTW.


Any guidance would be appreciated. :slight_smile:


You need to have a save file of the original Street Fighter Four

this one:


I’m sure it’s worth the $17, gotta support Capcom!


ew no. just saying thats the specific one. Maybe pick it up for a dollar from a local hobo or gamestop