Where do I get MS works from

as I had the CD and I was doing a chart and I am mid way but i reformatted my PC and I cant reinstall it but I hve the chart file but it wont open since I dont have MS works.

What is the file extension on that chart file of yours? What CD are you referring to?

erm I thought I used a CD to in stall MS works lats time but I couldnt find it if I did as I saved some files and when I reinstalled them it says I need a program to open it.

This chart is basically like a excel type thing, what info and how do I find it out?

File extension can be recognized: let say you save your word document like this:


“.doc” is the file extension.

And you know, forget MS Works, try downloading/using the “OpenOffice” suite. Try viewing your chart file in the “OpenOffice Calc” program, and see how that works.